How to Get the Best Fake Tan

It’s true that tanned skin gives the appearance of healthy skin, masks skin imperfections, and can even give the illusion of a thinner body (that’s my favorite part.)

When I use a self tanner I tend to have to wear (ie. buy) less makeup to tackle all of the flaws on my aging face. I don’t need to overdo it (as in Tan Mom who now is no longer tan), just a sun-kissed look is good enough for me!

Here are some ways to ensure that you get the best fake tan in the winter months: 

  • Plan out exactly how much darker you want your skin to be to avoid going overboard.
  • Research reviews online to find the best self tanner for your skin coloring and skin type.
  • Once you’ve found the sunless tanning line that you are going to use, exfoliate and shave to remove any dry skin patches. This will insure an even application. Avoid oil-based exfoliators.
  • If you’ve used self tanner before, you know that the skin on your elbows and knees are the driest parts of your body (regardless of exfoliation) and will soak up more of your self tanner. You can help lessen this by using a thin application of moisturizer in these spots prior to applying any tanning products.
  • When using a liquid self tanner, I personally like to mix it with my favorite lotion. This helps hydrate the skin (which in turn makes your tan last longer), and helps me to see spots I might’ve missed.
  • Wait for the product to fully absorb and dry before putting your clothes back on. My preference is to self tan at night about an hour or so before bed. That way I have less restrictive clothing on that will cause creasing in the way the tanner has absorbed and looks on my skin.
  • Wash your hands! Orange palms will tell everyone your tan is fake.
  • Follow the product’s instructions for re-application. Every product varies in how often you’ll need to repeat the process. Of course, it also depends on how happy you are with the initial outcome as well.

Foolproof your best fake tan ever by following these steps and your skin will have that perfect glow in no time!

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