LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Toner for Dry Skin

When LUSH says “Breath of Fresh Air” they really mean it!

All LUSH toners are slightly different than what you may be used to and as Martha Stewart would say “that’s a good thing.”  They are alcohol-free and work by providing a moisture boost to the skin.  They are packed with skin-soothing essential oils that help combat tiredness, dryness and blemishes. Breath of Fresh Air is made specifically for dry, sun damaged skin and refreshes with nutrients directly from the sea to your skin. Fresh seawater gently cleanses, while carrageen (seaweed) extract softens and provides essential vitamins and minerals. And all the while, rose absolute and aloe vera are soothing dry areas. 

This is the perfect for the winter months when the furnace sucks up all the humidity from air. It’s also great when you need to refresh your skin after a long car drive or being on an airplane.  I had almost given up on toners, even though I think they’re an important step in any skincare routine because so many of them are drying. I hate the feeling of tight skin–I feel like my face is being stretched between an embroidery hoop (for those of you that remember them). With it’s hydrating properties, this one is ideal for over 40 skin.

This is not meant to be used as a makeup remover (hence the no alcohol), but as a hydrating toner or midday pick-me up. The scent is fresh and clean. Breath of Fresh Air is housed in a spray bottle making it super convenient for touch-ups, spraying directly on the face or on a cotton pad. You get a generous amount of product and I find a few squirts will cleanse my whole face.

Bottom Line:  a savior for dry or winter skin.

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