LUSH FUN Soap Review

Everyone likes to have a little fun, right?

Remember those times as a kid when you would simply play in the bath until your skin pruned? Bath time wasn’t just about getting clean, it was about fun. 

LUSH’s newest creation is simply called FUN. It is a multipurpose, moldable soap that quickly reminds me of playdoh with its bright colors and doh-like texture. If you get more than one color, you can mix and match and make your own soap creations (much like a playdoh candy shoppe!)

FUN comes in 5 colors, each with their own fragrance. The scent is strong, but not in an overwhelming way, but in a very present way. My entire office smells of a myriad of scents right now and my kids love coming in and poking at the doh begging to use it in the shower.

Yellow FUN: Creamy vanilla tones and gardenia create a marzipan aroma.

Green FUN: A citrus blend of tangy lime and lemon essential oils.

Blue FUN: Lavender and chamomile blue essentials oils make this a relaxing scent.

Red FUN: A revitalizing fruity scent of orange and mandarin oils.

Pink FUN: Tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid have warming qualities to stimulate circulation and smell very sweet (like candy) while doing so.

Each roll of FUN are 250g and are $6.95 at I noticed that when I cut a piece of Pink FUN off and used it in the shower that I could simply reattach it to the unused FUN when I was done and wrap it tightly with plastic wrap to keep it fresh.  The funnest part? Watching pink color spread over my skin. It will make you gleeful like a little kid.

Have you tried FUN?

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