Atmysphere Fragrance for Men Review

I love when my boyfriend wears cologne and thankfully he always wears scents that are pleasing to the senses. (Unlike memories of high school and the boys who would literally bathe themselves in cologne. Sometimes I wondered if they would douse themselves in it in lieu of a shower. But I digress…)

I don’t typically review men’s fragrance or grooming products here anymore, however I couldn’t pass up Atmysphere, which promises that it would create an intimate romantic atmosphere via the fragrance. It sounded much like those perfumes that claimed to have pheromones in them that would create attraction, however their website is very clear that there are no pheromones in this men’s fragrance. Curious, I informed my boyfriend that he was going to be a test subject. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind an intimate romantic atmosphere anyway…I mean what guy passes that up? 

Atmysphere fragrance notes:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Citrus, Fruity-Cassis, Raspberry, Plum, Blackberry
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Cardamon, Peppercorn, Clove, Anise, Herbal, Balsam, Vetiver
Base Notes: Woody, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cashmere Musks

He spritzed Atmysphere on the pulse points on his wrist and another at his neck. I asked him what he thought of the scent and he really liked it (and he’s VERY picky about the fragrance he wears.) I, too, really liked the scent and decided I would be more analytical about why this fragrance created attraction rather than simply relying on my own senses. And I figured it out…

Naturally, when a woman wears a fragrance, it instantly creates a feeling of sensuality. Plainly stated, she feels sexy. Without first reading what the notes were in this fragrance, I realized that while it did smell like a men’s cologne, it also had an aroma of notes I would wear as well. Lavender, rose, geranium… I wouldn’t consider this a unisex fragrance, but instead those few “female” notes trigger something psychological in us when we breathe it in. Instantly our sense of smell and brain reacts the same way it would if we were applying our favorite perfume on ourselves. Our mood lifts and we instantaneously feel sexy. I found it interesting that a cologne my boyfriend would wear would trigger that response in me, without wearing any perfume at all myself.

And there you have it, the mystery is solved as to how Atmysphere can make such claims. This fragrance really does smell amazing and I highly recommend it.

Atmysphere is $65 for 300ml. Has the man in your life tried it?

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