BodyHonee All Natural Hair Removal Wax Review

In an effort to be  more well groomed in 2013, I thought I would begin the new year with an all out at home waxing session.  I mean what better way to get rid of the old and welcome the new, soft, smooth and newly hairless, than by ripping it out by its roots?

In an ode to winter I had neglected my usual waxing for quite some time, after all, isn’t a bit of extra hair natural insulation? OK, maybe that’s a bit of stretch seeing as how I live in Florida, but I needed some type of an excuse when my boyfriend gave me the side eye after lovingly rubbing my legs. 

For my at home waxing extravaganza I used BodyHonee All Natural At-home Hair Removal Wax Kit.  The wax is 100% Natural and consists of only three ingredients , salt, sugar & lemon.  The kit includes the wax, ten waxing strips and two spatulas. There is also a super helpful mini booklet included with very clear directions on how to use the kit as well as waxing Do’s & Dont’s, what you can do for maximum waxing results and a series of waxing tips images.

Before using the kit, skin should be wiped down with water and then dried off with a dry towel to ensure no oils, lotions, or makeup are left on the skin. Also, use talcum powder after cleaning skin dry. Talcum powder helps the wax better adhere to the hairs. I heated the wax in the microwave, which took exactly 30 seconds.  It can also be heated in a water filled pan or electric warmer.  The wax was a nice consistency, not too watery or too thick, that was easy to apply.  It did a great job of getting all of the hairs out without leaving a ton of waxy residue on my skin.  I also did not need to keep reheating the wax every few minutes, like I normally have to with my usual at home wax kits. Just heating it once kept it at the perfect consistency for waxing my legs, face and  bikini area.  And I especially loved that there was absolutely no waxy mess in my bathroom.

The simplicity and ease of the BodyHonee All Natural Hair Removal Wax Kit will definitely make it pretty painless for me to keep my “well groomed” new year’s resolution in 2013.  The only drawback of this kit is that it did not come with post waxing oil because I’m sure if it did it would be just as awesome as everything else that the kit currently contains.

Have you tried this product?

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