CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow Review

I have been a long time fan of CoverGirl since the age of 13 when my mother started allowing me to wear makeup. (How old were you?)

You can get an incredible trendy look for just dollars. In fact, my must have secret weapon is CoverGirl’s Eye Enhancers in Champagne 710, which I happen to use as a highlighter. Never do I ever finish my makeup without applying highlighter. 

CoverGirl’s Eye Enhancers  highlights by accentuating your freshly finished face, gives you a glow, and makes areas of the face brighter and appear larger. So for example, if you have smaller eyes you could highlight under the brow, the inner corner of the eye and you could also drag the enhancer to line the bottom lid (not all the way, but just to where the lower  lashes begin.)  This will make the eyes appear larger, and not to mention, blends well with all shadow shades and gives your eye an eye-popping finished look.

Not only can this Eye Enhancer be used to accentuate eyes, but due to the champagne color of this particular enhancer, you can also highlight cheek bones, the bridge of  your nose and also your forehead.  You don’t want to overdo highlighting  because it can make the face look greasy or just overly done.  The highlighter can be applied with a fan brush and remember not to use too much, a little hit of highlighter goes a long way.

To achieve this awesome glow for your eyes or as a highlighter, CoverGirl’s Champagne 710 Eye Enhancer can be purchased for a few bucks at pretty much any drugstore, Walmart and Have you tried it?

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