How Do You Avoid a Unibrow?

How do you tame a unibrow and shape it?

That’s the question I recently asked brow guru, Ramy Gafni, when trying to tackle my teen-aged son’s very obvious caterpillar above his eyes. Gavin was cool with me separating it into two obvious brows, but then came my next question, how do you shape them without looking “girly”? 

Ramy to the rescue to tell me the correct way to trim and shape his brows (and oops! I was using an electric trimmer to buzz in between the brow…a no-no according to Ramy.)

Here’s Ramy’s expert brow adviceI refer to men’s brow grooming as “Guybrows,” you don’t want it to look obvious. Men should avoid waxing especially because it will create an obvious line and often looks overdone. You should tweeze the center (buzzing it will make the regrowth look more like stubble, which won’t look good and also creates an overly straight line to the front of the brows) and trim the excess length. Then tweeze the obvious strays from below the brow to lose the caterpillar effect.

If you missed my recent Q & A with Ramy, be sure to check it out, as he gives a lot of great brow grooming advice (and mistakes to avoid!)

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