Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Review

As I get older and the fine lines, deep wrinkles, small scars and discoloration under my eyes become more apparent, I quickly realize that I cannot live without a foundation primer. I’ve tried many, but most are either too slick and greasy, clog my pores or just don’t meet my expectations. 

About a year ago I began using Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. I was a little hesitant at first since it is the first primer I’ve used that looks more like a tinted moisturizer with some shimmer. Since I have very pale skin, I was also worried that the color difference would be like the girl who wears a foundation that is quite obviously too orange for her skin. Thankfully, this was not the case!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance is silky in texture and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin. It really has a barely-there appearance on your skin when it comes to coloring, yet the light deflecting particles in this primer help to create a soft focus on your skin so that the imperfections are minimized. I like to apply the primer in specific areas of my face such as under my eyes, in one straight line from the bridge of my nose to the tip, on my forehead and on my chin. You only need a pea-sized amount, so a little goes a long way. I still have at least half a tube left for as long as I’ve been using it.

I love this primer because for the year that I have been using it, it hasn’t once caused a breakout. My skin has a healthy glow that looks natural and sun-kissed, as well. Have you tried Foundation Primer Radiance?

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2 Responses to Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Review

  1. Valerie C.

    I love your method of applying it only to specific areas. I’m oily and would have passed on this, but, now I’m going to try it. Thanks :)

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Thanks Valerie! I really only apply it to my “problem” areas, much like you would concealer. It works out really well. Let me know what you think once you try it!

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