Melvita Ultra-Nourishing Body Balm Review

While the Melvita Apicosma Body Ultra-Nourishing Body Balm has honey, cocoa butter and even stevia in the formula, don’t eat it! You’ll be tempted, believe me it looks like vanilla frosting in the jar and smells great.

This line is special because it uses the power of three different honeys (thyme, acacia, and orange blossom), royal jelly for its regenerating capabilities, and cocoa butter in a rich, delicious smelling formula that treats and heals dry skin. In addition, this Ultra Nourishing Body Balm has stevia leaf extract in the mix of its beneficial ingredients. Melvita’s products are certified organic, made with 99% of the ingredients that come from natural origin. 

The balm comes packaged in a plastic tub and is quite thick so a little goes a long way. The first time I used it, I used too much and it balled up and sloughed off.  The texture is smooth, but you do have to massage it in for a while before it gets completely absorbed.  The balm is very rich and extremely moisturizing so, if you have extremely dry skin it works very well. I guess my skin is not that dry because it felt slightly greasy to me and didn’t absorb as well as I would have liked. However, it worked great on my super dry calloused heels.

Bottom Line: a great pick for those with extremely itchy, dry skin. I found it to be too greasy for my skin but it works great for really dry feet. It may be a little too heavy for use in the summer months.

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  1. Moxie

    I’ve never tried this product, but it does sound really good! Definitely could use a thick balm in the winter!

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