Pur Minerals Big Blink Mascara Review

Big Blink is Pur Minerals newest mascara, which is fortified with Argan oil and has a clump free wand ($20). This wand is no ordinary wand, it’s magical. It combs smoothly through the lashes and coats evenly. The wand even gets into those hard to reach corners without making a mess (or poking you in the eye.) 

Usually while using mascara, it makes a huge mess all over my perfectly made up eyes forcing me to wash my face and start from scratch. I hate when that happens! Another aggravating thing is when your eyes tear up or when you go to rub your eyes and the mascara smears all over your face. Or how about when you wash your face and it leaves an awful black residue making you look like the walking dead…what a mess! However, Pur Minerals Big Blink Mascara barely ran, smudged, and when I washed my face it cleaned up perfectly with no zombie eyes to battle.

Another reason that I always have a hard time finding the right mascara is because my lashes are very fine, but with Big Blink, it totally volumizes my flimsy lashes giving it the perfect finishing touch.  Look at that before and after picture! The length build is amazing! Fabulousness abounds in this pink tube and my only wish is that it would be bottomless! Have you tried it? Find it at www.purminerals.com.

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  1. Kay

    Your lashes look really good! I like that they look darker/longer without looking clumpy/spidery.

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