Aveda Art of Nature Makeup Review

Aveda’s a pretty well known cosmetics, hair care, and skin care company who strives to connect beauty, environment, and well being. They aim to care for the world we live in with the products they make to give back to society. I think Aveda has an all together pretty amazing cosmetic line. As many times as I have had the opportunity to work with their makeup, I have never been disappointed. I also enjoy the fresh scents the cosmetics give off while applying. 

I recently had the opportunity to sample their new Spring Summer limited edition collection, Art of Nature. The blush 180/ hibiscus is flower based, infused with soft floral aroma with certified organic lavender, and is talc and mineral-free.  The blush comes in 3 shades: a lovely pink coral , a light peach and a soft shimmery pink. The colors, which are absolutely beautiful, accentuated my cheek bones perfectly. However, I’m very light skinned and didn’t need too much for the color to show. If you have a darker skin tone, you may need to apply more. I did find that the more I used, the harder it was to blend.

The eye shadows (980/ lemongrass), (981/ papyrus), (982/ oceanica), (985/lantana), (984/ bare bellis), (983/ cinnamon bark) are waxed infused and never creased. The shadows are soft almost as if they were made from rose petals, easy to apply and has a very light floral sent.

Aveda’s eye definer (990/ jade vine) and (918/ wild indigo) are drawn from jasmine petals and geranium leaves, and have organic  flower waxes which make this eye pencil creamy, smooth and easy to blend. I loved the way I could easily apply the liner and the colors are vibrant, barely smudged and also lasted all day. I love, love, love, Aveda’s eye definer!

Aveda’s Smoothing Lip Color (913/ cana) and sheer lip color (914-s/ melochia bloom) smooth the appearance of fine lines by 25 % and gave woman 75% fuller lips. These lipsticks defiantly softened my lips and smell absolutely delicious of organic spearmint and vanilla flavor! Need I say anything more?!

Rehydrating Lip Glaze (915/ kukui)  is infused with plant emollients and clinically proven to moisturize, plump, and smooth the look of fine lines. It has organic vanilla and mint aroma flavor. This shade was so pretty and will also look great on all skin types.

Lip pencils (916/ cocoa bean) and (917/ barberry bloom) shape and define lips beautifully. They are made with plant waxes and fruit butters. The lip pencils help provide coverage and helps to minimize feathering of the lip color your wearing. It also has an invigorating organic peppermint flavor.

I created a few different looks with Aveda’s  Art of Nature collection. Some of the looks shown in the pictures of the eyes were done with (lemon grass) the lightest shade of green,  which I used on the lid, (papyrus) the darker green, using only in the crease of the eye, (oceanica) a beautiful blue, which I blended only at the end part of the crease starting a little bit after the arch of the brow. To top off this beautifully finished eye, I used my most favorite liner: Aveda’s jade. which I lined the inside of the eye and the other corner.

The picture of me that is part of the lip collage shows the eye look I created using (lantana) the lightest shade of pink which I placed on the lid, (bare bellis) applying it only to the crease, (cinnamon bark) which I applied to the end crease a little  bit after the arch in the brow . Then I lined the inner lid and the outer corner of the lid with eye liner ( wild indigo).

I always love finishing makeup with the right shade of  lipstick or gloss. Bright lips and eyes are definitely in trend right now.  Rehydrating lip gloss (kukui) is awesome and looks even better with the liner  (cocoa bean). Both are a beautiful shade of a darker red brown and shown in the lip picture collage above.  Smoothing lip color (cana) and liner (barberry bloom) are a vibrant shade of red and look beautiful with any makeup application. Now my favorite type of lip colors are usually lighter, but don’t get me wrong I do once in awhile love a darker, vibrant lip color, but I favor a natural lip color any day. With that being said, I loved ( melochia bloom) also shown in the lip collage above. You can also rock this shade of shear pink with any makeup application and will pretty much look beautiful on any skin tone.

Art of Nature is available beginning February 10th on aveda.com. What do you think of the colors?

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  1. latoya

    I’ve never used aveda makeup before but i love the scent desciptions you gave and I really want to try the cocoa bean/kukui lip combo you’ve got going..I think it would work with my brown skin.

  2. Shannon Smyth

    Hi Latoya, definitely also check out Gail’s post on shades of pink that work well on dark skin (if you like pink!) http://www.agirlsgottaspa.com/2013/10/shades-pink-for-dark-skin/

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