Avon Viva by Fergie Perfume Review

Avon launched it’s the third fragrance by the famous pop star Fergie, named Viva by Fergie last spring.  The new fragrance is advertised as fearless and daring with the slogan “Live by Your Own Rules.”

 “Viva is a fresh and unexpected fragrance that brings out the duality of a woman. Powerful, yet seductive, and living life by her own rules,” described Fergie.

The composition is fresh and floral, blended out of cooling herbs, fierce lavender and intriguing vetiver. The green opening is fresh and crisp without any fruity or citrus accords. Most fragrances use citrus to get that briskness but Viva relies on green herbals to bring it. 

To my nose the few minutes of the fragrance seems “older”, maybe something a grandmother would wear, this is due to the strong lavender of the top notes. That doesn’t last long before it morphs into (to my nose) a distinctly soft masculine scent. Not necessarily a bad thing, this is what I like a man to smell like–fresh and clean. I would imagine this is what I would smell like had I been cuddling with my non-existent boyfriend.  A true unisex scent, I can see this appealing to both men and women. For me, personally, I prefer something with more floral notes–something more feminine. If I sniff my wrists 7 hours later, I can still smell the scent but I did not notice much sillage.

The bottle is quite upscale for Avon. It’s a clear bottle with the fragrance itself a pretty purple shade and the ornament and stopper are silver in the shape of a “V”–very 1930’s Art Deco.

Viva by Fergie is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum, 150 ml body lotion and 75 ml perfumed body spray.

Bottom Line: Although not my preferred scent, I wouldn’t mind having this in my fragrance repertoire to change things up a bit. Both the Viva bottle and fragrance look and smell high-end. If you like clean, fresh scents with an edge, give Viva a try!

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