ck one color Powder Eyeshadow Quad Review

ck one color makes amazing cosmetics. The colors are wonderfully intense and the pigments are so bright, which are great for staying power and really brightening the eyes. The shadows are long lasting and you can apply them wet or dry. Used as a powder, the eye shadow lasted pretty much all day. However, when applied the shadows wet, halfway through the day they started to crease. I was able to overcome this obstacle though, with the use of a primer before apply the eye shadow.

Angel 800 is beautiful with elegant soft colors, however went on surprisingly bright. I applied Angel starting with the glittery green on the inner corner of my eye also dragging it a little under the bottom lid, following with the pink and then the blue.  So I divided the lid into 3 sections each section a different color. However the color went a little bit higher than the lid, but not too close to the brow, as you need room for the highlighter and blending space. I then finished off the eye with the white under my brow.

When I saw the Heat 710 quad, I felt it would be a little bit of a challenge. I started with the greenish-gold and I used this color on the corner of my lid and dragged it under the lower lid.  I used the mauvish tan in the middle and I used brown on the end of my eye applying it as I was painting on a sideways V. Then I applied the pink in the crease.

I love the Smoking 810 quad. It’s such an easy way to accomplish a smokey eye in just a few minutes. I first applied the sparkly silver to the whole lid carefully making sure not to go any higher than the crease. Then I applied the green in the crease, also being careful not to drag the green too close to the brow because it will make you look like you got punched in the eye (not a cute look!) I finished this smokey eye with the white, which I applied under the brow and the corner of the eye .

Nymphete 100 is great if you want to achieve that very classic romantic look. I first applied the glittery pink to just the corner quarter of the lid, also dragging the color under the bottom lid and the soft matte pink to the rest of the lid. I applied rose in the crease and the darkest color I applied in a sideways V at the end of the eye.

I wanted to save the best for last, by far Amazon 500 was my most favorite quad out of all 5. These are some of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen being used together. I started off with the green, which I first applied to the corner of the inner eye and drug under the bottom lid. A little bit of the yellow and then blue in the shape of the sideways V on the end. However, I blended the yellow very well into both colors then I topped off this tropical eye with blending pink into the crease, which pretty much turned purple  but looked absolutely stunning.

What do you think of these quads? ck one color is available at

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