Daisies & Dukes Bubbly Sugar Scrub And Body Butter

So far this year, I’ve been lucky enough to sample some truly amazing beauty products and I’ve been pretty excited about the majority of them. But this week I got the opportunity to try two new products from a new line of bath and body products that I am absolutely beserk about!  The line is called Daisies & Dukes and as their name may suggest, their products are inspired by the fresh air and natural beauty of America’s countryside.

I used the amazing Bubbly Sugar Scrub and Body Butter and did not want to get out of the bathroom.  Honestly, normally I have a tendency to speed shower and speed moisturize, but both of these products made me want to just hang around and dawdle in my bathroom for a spell.  The Hayfield Romance Bubbly Sugar Scrub has a fresh and clean yet feminine and romantic scent.  When I applied it in the shower it felt like I was applying frosting to my body, which I quite enjoyed.  The scrub both cleansed and exfoliated my skin gently, but thoroughly.  I loved that it transformed from a sugary scrub into a bubbly cleanser! 

The Strawberry Body Butter is just absolutely mouth-watering.  It smells just heavenly and feels like decadent, whipped cream.  It is also uber-moisturizing and every time I apply it I feel feminine, sweet and a bit sassy.  Both of the products come in simple, cute jars that remind me of the packaging I’ve received homemade jellies…or moonshine in.  My boyfriend also seems to be a huge fan of both products because every time I use them he sniffs me and makes it very apparent how good he thinks I smell, which makes sense since he is a Southern boy!

Have you tried Daisies & Dukes products? Go to daisiesanddukes.com to see their full line of products.

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