Mama Mio O-Mega Body Oil Review

So long lizard legs! It’s not often that I actually gush over a product, but I’m going to gush for O-Mega Body Oil. Before I get into why it’s so great, let me give you the background on the skincare brand Mama Mio, a line for women by women.

Founded in London by 4 beauty experts, Mama Mio is a very personal creation. Their skincare expertise gives them the know-how, but first and foremost they are 4 women who want to feel good in their skin. They create each product to solve the skincare issues that they themselves want to overcome, using the very best ingredients at their highest potency to ensure that every product really works. Their skincare selection includes cellulite & firming skincare, pregnancy skincare, losing weight skincare and more.

Mama Mio O-Mega Body Oil ($35) is 100% moisture with no carriers and no emollients, just the “superfood” your skin craves. It’s a magic mix of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Safflower Oil and Vitamin E. Each of these oils is carefully chosen for its concentration of Omega 3, 6, and 9 to keep skin smooth, silky and firm. 

And….no nasties like:

Immediately after your shower, apply to damp skin. It comes in a spray bottle–I like to spray a few pumps into my hands, rub together and then apply–it’s harder to get an even distribution if sprayed directly on skin. What I absolutely LOVE about O-Mega Body Oil is that is absorbs SO quickly! My dry skin drinks it up almost immediately and does NOT leave skin greasy (my pet peeve with oil). I am truly amazed at how quickly it absorbs!

The scent is very light, fresh and clean.  A lovely combination of citrus and white floral that doesn’t overpower.

After one use, I am already addicted to this oil. It keeps my skin soft and smooth (and NOT greasy) for 8+ hours. I literally could not stop touching my what used to be my lizard legs.  This will replace my heavy body creams and take up precious real estate in my bathroom.

Bottom Line: Writing for a A Girl’s Gotta Spa! has made me much more discerning where bath and body products are concerned and I can honestly say Mama Mio O-Mega Body Oil is probably the best moisturizing treatment I’ve had the pleasure of using yet! It is extremely hydrating, NOT greasy, absorbs ultra fast, has a pleasant scent and gives immediate results. It is pricey, but I think having soft, supple skin is worth it. Highly recommended!

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