Mane Message Hair Ties Review

I feel like I take the necessary steps needed to keep my hair in tip top shape.  I get regular trims, eat well and take my vitamins, get deep conditioning treatments, etc.  But imagine my surprise when it was brought to my attention that despite my good intentions towards my hair, the types of hair ties I use might be contributing to hair damage!

Some hair ties, depending on the types of material, can snag and cause breakage to strands of  hair which also results in split ends.  I have noticed that when I remove some of my hair ties a few strands of hair will accompany them, but I assumed this was a normal part of shedding. Needless to say, my hair ties had to be replaced immediately; which is how I ended up with the most gorgeous selection of hair ties by Mane Message

The Mane Message hair ties are not only absolutely lust worthy, but hey are great for your hair.  They are made of a soft, stretchy elastic which never snags or leaves dents in my hair.  I love wearing them when I workout because they’re really comfortable, but still keep my hair really secure and in place plus my Pure Barre classmates are in love with them. They are available in the prettiest colors and designs and can also be worn as bracelets.  I have The Amore Package, but fully intend to start my own personal collection of Mane Message Hair Ties, second on my list are the The April Showers Package, followed by The Beach Lover Package…you get the idea.

Have you tried these hair ties?

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