Poll: Drugstore vs Department Store Mascara

Recently we began polling our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to find out which is better, drugstore or department store mascara. There’s the obvious difference in price, but does a higher price mean it’s a better product?

Personally, the majority of mascaras in my Mocha Moon Perez Beauty Case are a mix of drugtore and department store. I guess that makes me indecisive as to which is better!

We’d love to hear from you! Take our poll below and leave a comment letting us know which mascara brand you can’t live without. 



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Shannon began A Girl's Gotta Spa! beauty blog in 2005 to morph her love of beauty and in educating women on what truly works and what does not. She has been featured in Glamour, VOGUE Australia, Woman's World, Nail Pro, SHAPE and on WBRE's PA Live. She is a go-to source for social media consulting when it comes to beauty brands.

7 Responses to Poll: Drugstore vs Department Store Mascara

  1. Natasha

    I find LashBlast mascaras work as well or better than their pricier dept. store cousins… and since they’re inexpensive, I actually replace them when I should.

  2. Shannon Nelson

    That’s a good point Natasha! I wonder if those who buy the $30+ mascaras replace them every 3 months.

  3. Jean

    I’ve done multiple tests for my blog & have found that it can vary across the brands, of course, but for example, the Ulta brand lengthening was actually a little better than Benefit’s They’re Real & a few other high end brands.

  4. Kristi C. (@lov2read68)

    Like Natasha I also like LashBlast (orange tube). At that price point I have no problem replacing every 3-6 mos like I should. There are some higher end mascaras that I do like – Lancome Defincils, Diorshow but I’m not willing to drop that kind of scratch every 3-6 mos! And in the last several years, drugstore mascaras have really upped their game IMO.

  5. Shannon Nelson

    Kristi, I love LashBlast too…have you tried their new Clump Crusher? Seriously, no clumping at all! I like to combine both mascaras.

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Jean, I’ve never tried Ulta’s mascara, will have to look into it.

  7. Crystal - Beauty or Bust

    LashBlast is great, as are several L’Oreal mascaras, but I also love Urban Decay’s Supercurl Curling Mascara. I generally use drugstore brands for every day looks, and pricier mascaras for special occasions and going out.

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