Primavera Clarifying Face Scrub Review

My skin remains oily in the T-zone regardless of the season. I also still get the occasional blemish, despite my age, and blackheads…well let’s just say you’d think I’m having a party on my face sometimes. Sticking to skin care products that are right for your skin type help to diminish skin issues, which is why I was happy to try out Primavera’s new Clarifying Face Scrub. 

Clarifying Face Scrub ($26) is formulated with plant ingredients for oily and combination skin. This scrub is part of Primavera’s Balancing line and will be available on March15.

Looking at the ingredients, I automatically see why this face scrub is so effective. Organic Aloe Vera for combating inflammation, Green Clay for detoxification and cleansing, grape seeds for exfoliation (there’s also organic sage, lemongrass and jojoba.) The scrub is green and smells lovely. It reminds me of the fragrance when entering the spa…very soothing and herbal. It gently exfoliates with the grape seeds while dissolving impurities.

You can view all of Primavera’s product lines at

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