Spa Sonic ® Face and Body Polisher Review

Meet my brand new best-friend and constant travelling companion, Spa Sonic’s Face and Body Polisher.

I took an immediate liking to this device and absolutely refuse to leave home for more than a day without it, after all what’s not to love since it beautifies from head to toe?  The seven piece professional kit includes, 1 Polishing unit, 2 Facial Brushes, 1 Body Brush, 1 Facial Buffer, 1 Pumice Stone, and a battery four pack and they all do an awesome job.

The facial brush feels really gentle on my skin and I especially love the size of the brush because it cleanses and exfoliates my face without getting any excess of cleanser and water on my hair.  The body brush is also amazing.  Like the facial brush, it’s not harsh or irritating, but really gentle and also exfoliates and cleanses perfectly. 

The facial sponge is probably my favorite.  It gently massages my face and after using, it I immediately notice an improvement in my skin.  I love dipping it into my moisturizer and moving it across my face.  Even when I don’t use it to apply product to my face I still like sitting there and massaging my face with it.  The pumice is absolutely awesome, it does a great job of gently buffing away rough, dry skin on my feet.  I get better results with the pumice after I’ve soaked my feet in warm water for about five minutes.

The size of Face & Body Polisher is perfect for travelling and I love the fact that I don’t need to lug around a charger with me, it’s super convenient especially when travelling overseas because I can sit there and massage my face with the facial sponge when I get bored on the plane.  With this skin care system I also eliminate the need to travel with separate face, body and foot scrubs since they’re all included and whenever I can travel a bit lighter, I am one ecstatic woman.

Have you used the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher?

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