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I fell in love with Pevonia’s skin care line last year when I began using their Ligne Soleil SPf 30 Hydrating Sunscreen. It was hydrating and made my skin feel velvety smooth, unlike any other sunscreen I have ever used. They recently just launched their new Spa Clinica line of products, which offers a simple 4-step regimen to help target your skin care issues. I don’t know about you, but I’m often overwhelmed by all of these skin care lines with a multitude of products in each line. How do I know which ones I really need? 

Pevonia Spa Clinica has only 4 products that you’ll need to use for an effective skin care treatment: Cleanser, Toner, Serum and Moisturizer. There are also only 4 lines to choose from: Anti-aging, Breakout Erase, Redness Relief and Skin Perfecting. To learn which products are right for the skin concern you want to target, start by going to their Solutions page.  Here you can choose three different ways to analyze your skin for the correct products. I went with option two, which is a customized regimen to target multiple concerns as my skin has wrinkles, occasional breakouts, and uneven skin tone. The Skin Perfecting regimen ($96) was recommended to treat these issues.

The Skin Perfecting products contain Retinol, and is to be used for both your morning and nighttime skin care routine. Since Retinol is a natural exfoliator, this is why there’s no need to incorporate an additional exfoliant into your skin care routine. This does take some getting used to for me, as I like that physical contact of a scrub on my face. It makes me feel like I’m doing the work myself to loosen the debris in my pores and slough off the dead skin. But the best part of using a product that already does this for you, is that there is little work on your part! (This means less time completing your am/pm routine.)

Can we talk about the scent of these products? Amazing! It’s like a baby powder scent with light florals. It made me wish for a body wash, lotion and perfume in this scent! But don’t worry if you don’t like fragrance in your skin care products, the fragrance is not long lasting past application. (Although I wish it was!)

The Skin Perfecting Cleanser is rich and creamy, and you only need one pea-sized pump to cleanse your entire face. It rinses clean, leaving no residue behind. Your face is not squeaky clean either, which is a good thing. The Skin Perfecting Toner comes in a spray bottle and absorbs quickly. The Wrinkle Plus Serum is yellow in color and is non-greasy. The Skin Perfecting Moisturizer is also yellow and appears thick, but gently melts into your skin without feeling heavy.

Your skin will look and feel amazing in only minutes each morning and evening. While $96 may sound like a lot as a whole, it breaks down to about $24 per product. Do I think it’s worth the price? Yes! You will notice the difference in your skin after your first week of use.

To learn more about their line, visit Have you tried it yet?

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