Pure Fiji Home Spa Collection Review

Pure Fiji Rub If you’re ready to charge full speed ahead into Spring with warmer weather and leave the cold Winter months behind … set aside a hour and lock yourself in the bathroom (aka your home spa) and indulge in Pure Fiji’s line of luxurious and deliciously scented spa products.

I’m all about spa’ing at home, especially because this is our wedding year and I want to look my absolute best on the big day. I like to spa and I like to spa often, so A Girl’s Gotta Spa! at home once in a while! The moment I opened Pure Fiji’s Facial Solutions products, I was instantly reminded of summer. I kind of felt like I was in a commercial because I literally closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and pictured myself in the South Pacific. I set aside an hour on Sunday to lock myself in the bathroom and pamper myself with Pure Fiji’s home facial samples, sugar scrub, and pedicure sampler. On a cold March day, it was an instant mood booster.

Pure Fiji is a skincare and body care company that derives its inspiration and many of its ingredients from the pacific island of Fiji. Their skincare products are all said to be ecologically friendly and made with natural ingredients wherever possible. I also love that Pure Fiji’s ingredients stem from ancient traditions and early discoveries of the power of exotic nuts, which Pacific Islanders found beneficial to cleanse, soften, and protect skin or hair. Fast forward and incorporate advanced technology, Pure Fiji is now available for our convenient natural body care.

For starters, the facial solutions sampler was heavenly. Beside the fact that I was applying all of these products to myself, I really did feel like I was receiving a high end facial at the spa. Step after step was even more luxurious than the last. Of the entire Facial Solutions set, the exfoliating scrub was my favorite step.  It was refreshing and exfoliating, without being harsh on the skin. I could feel the debris in my pores take a hike.

Pure Fiji Facial While I love to spa at home, I don’t love to give myself pedicures. It just feels like a chore. Pure Fiji’s pedicure sampler made the process much more bearable and gave me feet the moisture they so badly needed after some super cold and drying months.

I saved the absolute best for last. I’m most excited about Pure Fiji’s coconut sugar rub with starfruit infusion! A little tough to get out of its tub, but well worth the elbow grease … the scrub exfoliated beautifully and left my skin feeling SO soft with a light barrier of moisture left after showering it off. It smelled so good I wanted to taste it. I resisted, but it did make me crave a tropical beverage.

The true test – My fiancé (who wouldn’t notice if I cut 12 inches off of my hair or dyed it black) sniffed by shoulders when I finally escaped the bathroom and asked if I used something different in the shower. He noticed the naturally light and tropical fragrance!? He said I smelled like vacation! What’s better than that?

If you’re only going to try one piece from Pure Fiji’s line of natural beauty therapies, do your skin the ultimate favor and grab the Coconut Sugar Rub with Starfruit Infusion. It’s incredible.

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3 Responses to Pure Fiji Home Spa Collection Review

  1. Elena
    Thanks for the review! Ive just ran into pure fiji! And im really wanting to try it!… Where did you get the facial sample box? I cant find it anywhere. How was the toner? And the night cream? Those sound good! :)


  2. AmandaOnAir
    Hey Elena! The toner was gentle. Some tend to sting and dry out, now this one. The night cream was very light. You really DO feel like you’re treating yourself to a luxury spa experience – every day!

    Try here: http://store.purefiji.com/FJ/category/xg-3ss.html

  3. Elena
    Awesome thanks so much im deffinitly trying it!! :)

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