Smith Farms Honeysuckle Hair and Body Oil Review

Smith Farms Honeysuckle Hair and Body OilFor soft, smooth, velvety skin, I’ve been turning to body oils. The lovely sisters at Smith Farms send me their Honeysuckle Hair and Body Oil ($16) to try. No wonder it’s one of their best sellers–it’s made with one third each jojoba, sweet almond and sunflower oil. This light and fast absorbing oil is as good for your hair as it is for your skin. Enriched with vitamin E and honeysuckle essential oil, this multipurpose oil is as decadent as it is hardworking.

The story of Smith Farms is interesting and compelling. The Smith Farm story begins with Julia.

“To be honest, it began the day during a walk in the woods at the farm. I had been thinking about my career and wondering if I could be doing something more fulfilling. What kept coming to mind, was an interest in creating skincare products, specifically natural ones, that would be safe and gentle and not irritate sensitive skin. Being a bit of a skincare enthusiast, I had recently been concerned with the long list of unrecognizable ingredients on the products I used every day. Inspired by my walk, I decided now was a good time to give it a try.” 

“Sharing my discovery with the rest of the family, everyone (including my sister Becky) was impressed and supportive.  After further experimentation with soaps, and more testing on family and friends, I was greatly encouraged by the  overwhelmingly positive feedback. At this point, not wanting her younger sister to take off on this exciting new career venture without her, Rebecca jumped into the project.  With two heads working better than one, we forged ahead, starting work on other formulas – for lip balm, hand cream, face lotion, toner and body butter, to name a few. That was in 2009, committed to our now joint dream of creating a line of natural, pure and effective, feel good product we haven’t looked back and are still navigating our way through this new and exciting world.”


I love using this Honeysuckle Hair and Body Oil right after my shower when my skin is still damp. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave you leave you feeling greasy. The fragrance is light and fresh and doesn’t overpower. Packaging is a glass jar; this is my only complaint. It’s hard to get the oil out of the shaker top–I would much rather have a spray for easier and less messy application. The oil really is multi-functional–use on your hair, body, cuticles, face, hands, feet–everywhere!

Smith Farms Honeysuckle Hair and Body Oil is 3.5 fl. oz and retails for $16. Smith Farms has lots of other great products available like hand cream, lip balm, face creams and body lotions. Purchase at

Bottom Line: The Smith sisters did well! This lightweight, hydrating, multi-use product is good-for-you organic and only $16!

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