Hydrated Summer Lips with Nivea Lip Butter

Nivea Lip Butter Review

Once summer arrives, I need everything to feel and be light, simple and effortless.  From my clothing, to food to my beauty products, everything needs to have that summery carefree essence to it.  Do you agree?

Which is why a few of my beauty products from winter, fall and even spring just do not make the cut for summer.  During the cooler months I don’t mind feeling like there is a layer of protection between my skin and the dry, damaging chill of fall and winter. However, in the summer while I still need the protection, I really do not want to feel the products on my skin. I’ve had to retire a few of my lip products for the time being, especially my heavier lip balms and opt for lighter feeling, but still hydrating lip products.

The hydrating lip product that I feel in love with instantly was Nivea Lip Butter.  I’ve started using both the Caramel Cream Kiss Lip Butter and the Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter,and they’re both outstanding.  They smell really exceptionally delicious and do an impressive job of hydrating my lips and keeping them hydrated for a really long time even after just one application.  I’ve used both at night before I went to bed and have woken up with incredibly soft, hydrated lips.  The Lip Butter never feels heavy on my lips, which is fascinating since they do such a wonderful job of keeping my lips really hydrated.

I absolutely adore the little tins that the butters come in, they’re the perfect size and fit perfectly in my smaller summer makeup bag as well as in the pockets of my shorts.  If these Lip Butters work just as well in the colder months I definitely plan on relying on them as one of my few year-round beauty products! Have you tried them?

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