Supergoop! Gradual Self-Tanning Review

Supergoop! Self-Tanning Mousse Review

I’m so excited about Supergoop! Gradual Self Tanning Mousse because it’s the answer to a little ongoing internal battle I’ve been having with myself for a while.

When using self tanner, do you moisturize first? After? Both? Then … how soon after do you apply sunscreen? Since my life changing battle with Melanoma, sunscreen has become a necessary and important part of my daily routine, but where does it fall into your beauty routine when you’re also moisturizing and self tanning? All of these products can get confusing to know how and in what order to use … and then there’s Supergoop! Gradual Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse. ($38) It’s 3 in 1. Just one step to tan, moisturize, and protect! The perfect answer to this dilemma I’ve been quietly keeping to myself.

When I first picked up Supergoop! 3 in 1, I had to read the bottle a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly. A gradual tanner, moisturizer, and SPF 20 all in one … yes, please! As much as I hate the sun’s harmful effects, I love the visible benefits of the sun … so a sunless tan is something I’m always experimenting with. Supergoop! Gradual Self-Tanner 3 in 1 gives an antioxidant-rich sunless tan without stepping foot into the sun. I noticed results after the first use! Also super important to note – this is a gradual tanner that isn’t going to rub off on your clothes or towels. It’s not a body paint, it’s a moisturizer that gradually tans you while also providing broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It smells nice too; a light scent of green tea and cucumber. The scent is really pleasant (this is not always the case with self tanners) and it applies really nicely. The formula is smooth and doesn’t streak. I love that this is a product that helps protect you from the sun while helping you look and feel great too. I’m a fan.

I reapplied a couple times in the same day and noticed that unlike some other gradual tanners and moisturizers, it didn’t feel filmy after additional applications. Sometimes layering on the same product over and over can form a buildup and gunky film, but I didn’t notice any of that.  I love that.

Supergoop! Acai Fusion Lip Balm Review

Speaking of protecting your skin from the harmful dangers of the sun while still looking and feeling great, don’t forget about your lips! I was just talking to a friend who was out campaigning for local council. She made sure to brag to me that she wore sunscreen and reapplied every couple hours. The next day she called me to complain that her lips were burned. She never applied anything to her lips! Don’t forget your lips! Supergoop! makes some fabulous lip balms that are SPF 30 and amazing. I’m loving the acai fusion with shea butter lip balm. It feels like a fancy lip gloss that works double time to protect your lips from the sun. Sun burned lips are the worst and so easy to avoid.

Summer is an awesome time of year to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors, but don’t forget to protect yourself first! XO

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