VBeaute Lip Spread Hydrating Lip Gloss Review

VBeaute Lip Spread Hydrating Lip Gloss Review I’m a bit of a lip gloss junkie. I carry a makeup bag full of lip products on me at all times … but once VBeaute’s Lip Spread Anti-Age Hydrating Lip Gloss ($19) made its way into the pouch, I found myself ignoring the others.

For starters, I love the name and of course wanted to run around bragging that I had Virgin lips. Second, when you stumble upon something good, you stick with it. VBeauté just launched the 2013 Limited Edition Lip Spread colors and my lips were loving the pinkish-nude shade named Virgin. The new Lip Spread Color Glosses are lovely, (I’ll get to that) but their names are what first grabbed my attention … they’re sassy! 

The additions to the line were created to be the perfect shades to wear with almost any of the top sexy fashion looks, straight from the runway.  Talk about sex appeal and lips to lust over, VBeaute launched six sassy new shades: Dare, Virgin, Vain, Truth, Naked, and Vixen. I’m a nude/pink girl, so I went right for Virgin. Plus, I just like saying I have Virgin lips. The gloss is moisturizing, perfectly tinted, and long lasting.

From VBeaute: 
Each hue contains a new blend of polymers that enrich your pout via a combination of three-dimensional shine and color, while a cushiony finish optically plumps to give fuller, more lusciously kissable lips. Emollient oils leave lips smooth, soft and comfortable over time.

First impression . . . a little goes a long way. Don’t be fooled by the size of the tube, you don’t need much to achieve a gorgeous lip. Actually, if you use too much it doesn’t look right. A great combination of color and shine, Virgin was a great shade for me. One thing I noticed about VBeaute gloss that I love is that it’s not super tacky. Ladies with long-ish hair know what I mean when I talk about that dreadful outdoor moment when the wind blows your hair directly into your lip gloss … and depending on which gloss you have on, you may be in for a disgusting few moments of peeling the hair from your gloss. (Ugh!) This gloss wasn’t the kind to grip your hair in the occasional wind blow. YAY! VBeaute’s Lip Spread Lip Gloss is long wearing, totally flattering, and not too sticky or thick.

Some things to love about VBeaute as a whole – the line was developed because of the creators own skin sensitivity which assures you that you can have a gorgeous look and have healthy skin all at the time time. The entire VBeaute range is paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, nut free, and oat free. The formula keeps your lips feeling hydrated, while working double time to correct and prevent environmental damage. (That’s where the anti-age comes in!)

Hydrating, moisturizing, gorgeous, and titled for the sassy . . . VBeaute’s Lip Spread is a must try!

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