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Aveda Heart Lands

Five years ago my step-mom, Cindy Crino’s, life changed in an instant. One moment she was a successful science teacher in Hawaii, the next moment she was trapped in a school elevator that crashed three floors down, damaging her spine and spirit. Since that dreadful day in 2008 Cindy’s life path changed forever more as the accident caused permanent disability. No longer able to afford their home, they lost everything they had with the exception of their environmentally friendly cars. Five fighting years later in June 2013 it was those cars that helped them to make their way back to a much-needed family support system on the east coast.

I remember visiting my dad and step-mom prior to her accident and, per usual, Cindy looked put-together and displayed a jolly spirit. However, when she arrived to my home this past June 2013 after spending five years in what she calls “the wilderness” of Utah (the first nearest spot they could afford to get to on the mainland after Hawaii) the toll of chronic pain, mild mobility impairment, and still needing to be a caregiver herself was apparent. My arms wrapped around her with a verbal reminder that she was now safe at home, as the tears streamed down our faces.

Caregiver #Makeover Before with @Aveda Heart Lands

This week a cleanly designed recycled bag of AVEDA’s Heart Lands limited edition makeup line for AW13 arrived at my home. I opened the bag with excitement only to be moved by a clearly defined mission statement,

“Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.”

As an Americorps NCCC alumni and a nurse who believes strongly in treating body, mind, and spirit to achieve well-being and beauty, AVEDA’s mission truly grasps the concept of beauty being more than just skin deep. As I scanned through their history, their open descriptions of natural ingredients used in their products, and their obvious vision for promoting holistic care and positive community impact I couldn’t help but be inspired to help transfer AVEDA’s bag of well-being to be that of Cindy’s.

@Aveda Heart Lands Makeover After

Products used: AVEDA Petal Essense Eyeshadow = Lid 991/Antique gold, Crease 989/hyacinth & 990/bronze patina, Outer and lower lid 986/dusk orchid, eye contour 992/juniper, lips lip liner 923/plum petals, lip glaze 921/honeytree

My 20 minute makeover using AVEDA’s petal essence and nourish-mint makeup products from the Heart Lands collection on Cindy did wonders…note not only the obvious difference of her finished hair and makeup, but more importantly, the brightness of life that invigorates her smile and lights up her face. I loved turning her around to see her reaction! Cindy said, “Oh my word, oh my word! It is beautiful. I AM beautiful. I think I forgot how to care for myself over these years, but now I see it’s just a little bit of time to help me feel amazing!” It was also funny to me that Cindy noted (without reading my last post Quick Ways to Subside Caregiver Role Strain), “You know Courtney, one of the things that I noticed is that no matter what you have going on you take a little time to care for yourself and keep yourself looking nice. It makes me realize I can do the same too. I don’t have to let myself go anymore.”

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About the author

Courtney Smith RN BSN

Courtney is a woman who wears many hats in life as wife, mom of seven children (several with disabilities), telemetry staff nurse, public speaker, and as a published author. Some of her notable works include, contributions in Mark I. Pinksy’s, best-seller Amazing Gifts and in world renowned Phyllis Kilbourn’s book, Let All the Children Come. She has created/lead conferences and spoke on a variety of topics in healthcare and disability from the Power of friendship to Autism to Advocating to Caring for the caretaker. Courtney was also the founder of the Links of Love disability ministry model, which was designed to come along side families affected by disability in an effort to not just help families survive, but to thrive! She is a passionate advocate and educator for the caregiver and busy woman and believes that every woman is a masterpiece in the making. Her goal is to help mom’s of those affected by disability and the busy woman in general to tap into and enhance they’re beauty, strength, balance, laughter, and health, so that they can keep pressing in and on through some of life’s toughest matters and busiest times!

23 Responses to AVEDA Heart Lands Makeover

  1. Endless Summer

    Ah, such beautiful eyes!

  2. Stephanie Louise

    Really beautiful! She looks so happy! XO

  3. Shannon Smyth

    Cindy I think you look so amazing! The mini makeover took 10 years off you! I think you look beautiful! Love you!

  4. MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    Look how beautiful she is. Her glow is amazing and makes her look so much younger. What a wonderful way to remind her that she is a special woman.

  5. Jane

    She looks positively glowing! This is proof of what a little make up can do! Feel good, look gorgeous!

  6. Amanda

    Cindy looks stunning! Beaming!!! That lipstick is TOTALLY her color!

  7. Courtney

    Indeed all!!! I wish I could have captured her reaction on video…it was priceless. She is still glowing today, and as Cindy reads each of your encouraging posts she seems to sparkle all the more. Thanks girls for taking the time to share your thoughts!!!!

  8. Christina Farrell

    You look stunning! What beautiful eyes. xoxo

  9. Jennifer

    Keep smiling~

  10. Dena

    VaaVaaVoom…excellent! You look great Cindy!

  11. Nidia

    What a happy ending! Beauty comes from feeling good about yourself, and if a little makeup can help her along her journey, great! The makeover looks lovely.

  12. FairyGlammother (@GlitteryGlossy)

    She’s gorgeous! I love the bold lipstick! You look fantastic Cindy! <3

  13. Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    WOW that is a stunning transformation!!!! She totally rocks that look! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  14. Tammy Gibson

    Cindy, absolutely stunning! Love you in color!!

  15. Beauty By Krystal

    Aw, she looks amazing and so happy! 🙂 Great smile!

  16. stef | we heart this

    WOW – you look amazing (though you were pretty in your “before” shot too!) The colors really make your eyes stand out. I think Aveda would be very proud.

    Makeup – making people look gorgeous and FEEL gorgeous too. Gotta love that.

  17. Justina

    Absolutely beautiful! What a difference a little makeup makes for our spirit!

  18. Phyrra

    This made me cry! She’s gorgeous!

  19. Kristie Burnett

    What an incredible story and such a beautiful woman.

  20. Teri

    I cried reading this story. She is obviously a beautiful woman, inside and out and I’m sure her little makeover made her feel fantastic. Here eyes are GORGEOUS!

  21. Gloria

    Gorgeous before and after the makeover!! It always lifts my heart when I see the joy in people’s eyes after a makeover, even if it’s something small.

  22. Kristi C. (@lov2read68)

    I realize that I’m late to the party – but the sense of peace on her face in the after pic is just stunning. Taking a few minutes each day to care for ourselves is so important. Keeping our ‘tank’ filled up means there is more that we are able to share with others.

  23. Shannon Smyth

    Agreed Kristi! Sometimes society tries to portray taking care of and time for ourselves as “self-ish”, but I don’t see it that way at all. We need to re-fuel ourselves in order to have the room left within ourselves to give to others.

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