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As a lip gloss lover who appreciates some color and shine all in one tube, I was super excited to get my hands on Lancome’s new lip collection, Gloss In Love. I’ve admired Emma Watson’s lips (she’s the face in all of the ads for the line) for a few months and had product envy. Lancome’s Gloss In Love gave Emma gorgeous lips that shined and had the perfect coating of color. To be totally honest, (because that’s just how I roll) I mostly loved this gloss, but the thing I didn’t love about it was a big one for me.

Let’s start with the loves. Lancome’s Gloss In Love ($27) is available in 12 shades, so there’s bound to be one that tickles your lips. I’m a big fan of pinks, but opted for a peach that wasn’t super peachy, it was peach with a pop of pink. The perfect peach. (#146 Peach Show) It’s SHINES! The shine in this gloss is undeniable. It’s the perfect mix of color and shine, without being super thick and gunky when applied. The packaging is pretty unique. This gloss comes in an easy click-to-open package – I really liked that. All you have to do it press the square button and the applicator slides out.

My absolutely favorite thing about Lancome’s Gloss In Love — the new Expert Applicator! The sponge tip applicator is curved to hug your lips and is shaped for optimal application … and it could be all in my head, but I felt like the tip held more gloss that the usual applicator, so I didn’t need to double dip for more product! These glosses are packed with shimmer and while I’m not usually a huge fan of sparkle in my gloss, this was subtle enough that it was just right and helped to enhance the shine and overall look. While you’re wearing this gloss, you will feel like your lips are drinking it all in … my lips felt moisturized and quenched while I had it on. For those who are questioning the texture, Lancome’s Gloss In Love is thick, without being tacky or sticky. (I’m all about the texture and this gloss doesn’t feel like the kind that your hair has to be pulled from in a slight breeze.)

The one thing I noticed that I didn’t love is … I can’t wear this gloss without exfoliating my lips first. I use lip balm religiously and exfoliate my lips about twice a month, but even so I felt like this gloss made any dryness on my lips super noticeable and clumped up. So basically, I need to exfoliate my lips more often to achieve the fabulous look this gloss can offer. Just a heads up. It’s totally worth it, but do yourself a favor and scrub your lips first so you can fall completely in love with this gloss!

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