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I always feel like the conclusion of the Thanksgiving holiday is congruent with the sound of a gunshot for the 100-meter dash until the Christmas and New Year holidays. I’d usually include Hanukkah in that statement too, but as many of you know this year it began Nov 27th and ends Dec 5th, so I guess my Jewish friends and families shopping alarms went off even earlier this year. At any rate, we will all be attending the various business parties, gatherings, and hopefully at least one night out on the town over the next month til we hit the celebratory wall on Jan. 2, 2014.

mark. fab 5 palette

Obviously we will all want to be looking our very best with that added holiday sparkle, so to help my girls out this holiday season this will be my first of several posts to share some of the products I have found to be worthy of your dollar and some of the looks you might consider creating to wow your company.

Mark.’s Fab 5 eye shadow compact is one of my very first choices for this seasons best! You can literally create dozens of looks with this compact from sexy & sultry to business sophisticated to playfully funky, or you can use it to highlight your features with a simple shimmer. Whatever you’re aiming to do with your look, I truly feel this compact can accomplish the task. Oh, and I should mention that with its versatility it makes a fantastic gift for any of your friends. They will LOVE you for it…guaranteed.

mark. fab 5 eye shadow #swatch

Below is an easy 10 step how-to for one of the holiday looks that I create with FAB 5.

Step 1: Apply your primer
Step 2: Apply the pink to the lid (mark. doesn’t name the colors on the compact)
Step 3: Apply the gold to the inner crease and bring it around to the lower lid mid-way
Step 4: Apply the pine green in a triangular shape to the outer lid and crease and also apply this color on the outer portion of lower lid until it meets the gold mid-way.
Step 5: Apply the champagne type color right under your brow and blend it in with the very top portion of your crease color.
Step 6: Gently (I do mean gently) blend your crease color. I personally find it most effective if I blend from outer to mid, then inner to mid, then just lightly at mid crease between the two colors.
Step 7: Go back in with your color dabs to enhance certain colors. IE: I dabbed back into the gold, placed a dot of the brownish purple color (looks more brown in real life) and lightly blended of it with the green for definition, finally I dabbed back over the whole lid with pink.
Step 8: Apply your choice of black or brown liner (I used brown).
Step 9: Apply your choice of mascara
Step 10: Admire your hard work and say, “Boom.”

mark. fab 5 Eye Shadow #review

Sometimes I think when people see the eye color close-up they think, “pretty, but I could not wear that” so here is my full face snapshot so that you can get a feel that, although this look will definitely pull attention to your eyes, it is actually soft and romantic in it’s overall expression.

mark. fab 5 makeup look


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