Pink Papaya Botanical Precleanser

Skincare Crush: Pink Papaya Botanical Precleanser

Pink Papaya has created what is certain to be your new skincare crush…their Botanical Precleanser. It’s packed with nourishing and powerful beauty oils that dissolve hardened makeup as well as environmental pollutants, leaving pores clean of debris resulting in hydrated and luminous skin. This is honestly the deepest clean I’ve ever gotten from a skincare product that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight.

This practice of utilizing natural plant oil to treat skin conditions was practiced by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. They used many different types of oils to successfully combat all types of skin issues, from dry skin to acne prone skin. Olive oil was used to cleanse, revitalize and soften facial skin, while almond and Starflower (Borage) Oil was used to rid skin of toxins and believed to keep skin looking young.

If you have acne-prone skin, it may sound counter productive to cleanse your face with oils (trust me, I had my doubts too,) but when you are using the right oils, such as natural plant oils, it can help balance the skin’s natural oil production and reduce oil levels. By cleansing with oil, your skin can slow down the production of sebum. When pores are cleansed with natural oil they “become satisfied” and stop releasing oil as the skin is hydrated. Amazingly, the oil will not leave an oily residue! Just a few drops can provide the necessary hydration to keep your skin from over-compensating and creating more oil than you skin needs that can lead to breakouts.

Pink Papaya Botanical Precleanser

Over the past year, Pink Papaya has formulated and handcrafted two Botanical Precleansers to meet the needs of both normal-to-dry and combination skin. It’s blended with specific extracts with non-comedogenic oils that perfectly cleanse and moisturize your particular skin type. The result – beautiful, clear and glowing skin!

Each evening, dispense a dime-sized amount of the Precleanser into dry hands. Massage over dry face for 30-60 seconds. Wet hands and continue massaging allowing the Precleanser to liquefy impurities stuck in your pores (otherwise known as blackheads!) Gently rinse with warm water. Follow with Pink Papaya’s Botanical Facial Wash.

For a spa experience at home, steam face after massaging the Precleanser onto your skin – I like to step into a steamy shower for this step, but you could hold your face over a bowl of steamy water or place a warm washcloth over your face. (Be careful it is not too hot so as not to burn yourself.) Next, massage your skin again and then rinse and follow with the Botanical Facial Wash.

The Botanical Precleanser is only available through your Pink Papaya Independent Consultant (like me, Jill Antczak.)

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*Disclosure: Post written by Pink Papaya Executive Consultant, Jill Antczak.

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