Votre Vu Holiday Makeup How To

Votre Vu Holiday Makeup How To

This season Votre Vu has put together a breathtaking holiday gift set titled, “Oh come let us adorn yeux.” It is a creatively accurate name to describe this set, which is sure to please any lady who loves quality makeup and a little accessorizing.

The gift set arrives to the door in a bold red box with a stylish thick pearl colored ribbon. Upon opening the box the gift receiver will likely feel like a little girl who won’t know which shiny new toy to grab for first! As the box is filled with a professional dual sided silver makeup brush (tried and LOVE, esp for definition), a vintage looking pearl and crystal cluster kilt pin that can be worn anytime of year, and then TWO limited edition Palette Play eye shadows in Heirloom Silver and Champagne Gold, which both come in their own golden pouch. I really was “oooohing and ahhhhing.” These two colors can be worn on their own, in combination, or as added accents with other shadow colors.

This gift set is truly a treasure of a find to either treat your self with for the holidays, or to send to friends and family.

Below is another step-by-step how-to holiday eye look just for you created by yours truly…with love of course!

Holiday Makeup How To with Votre Vu

Step 1: Primer

Step 2: Votre Vu Limited Edition Champagne Gold to lid and bring around the to lower lid mid-way

Step 3: Cargo’s Moreton Bay to inner crease and outer lower lid until it meets with Champagne Gold mid-way (you can use any deep plum or purple shadow, such as the one in Votre Vu’s Violette Palette if you prefer not to mix brands.)

Step 4: Votre Vu Limited Edition Heirloom Silver in a triangle shape to outer lid and crease

Step 5: Highlight your brow and blend with just the upper portion of crease colors

Step 6: Blend the remaining crease colors

Step 7: Lightly dab colors where needed for definition and very lightly blend

Step 8:  Apply black liner

Step 9: Apply Mascara

Step 10: Admire your hard work and appreciate beauty when you see it! That’s you!

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