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Although some individuals experience acne and manage to successfully treat it with various lotions and potions, for the majority of the general public, the everyday off-the-shelf, and sometimes even prescribed treatments, simply won’t do the job. Many of those who struggle with acne also struggle to feel confident to show off their natural skin due to acne scarring.

Acne isn’t just delegated to the face, but can also appear on your chest and back. Furthermore, the effects of the acne can vary from whiteheads to blackheads, pustules to milia and cysts, each with their own unique skin treatment. Keeping a regular and thorough skin care routine can help those who suffer from acne-prone skin. Daily cleansing of the skin both day and night, as well as, removing makeup before bed are vitally important. Exfoliation is another key element to your skin and body care routine that should not be forgotten. Exfoliating 1-2 times per week will help keep pore-clogging debris at bay.

If, despite your best efforts, your acne still results in scarring, there are various over the counter scar treatments that can be used to aid in minimizing the appearance of your scar; such as InviCible Scars and Exposed Scar Treatment. For those more difficult scars that cannot be treated with a cream, there is also the option to minimize your scar’s appearance via cosmetic surgery (from specialists such as MYA.)

If you opt for non-surgical procedures to tackle your acne scarring, MYA is one of the most respected names in the UK to provide treatments. Their services range far and wide, and consist of several different skin therapies that can be used to reduce scars. From skin peels that work by removing the ‘dull’ layer of skin and promoting renewal of the epidermis and outer dermal layers to Omnilux Photo Therapy, which uses narrow band wavelength light to treat skin conditions such as acne scarring by regenerating and stimulating collagen, MYA offers skin treatments that can drastically improve your skin’s appearance. While MYA offers a diversity of treatments, not every procedure will be suitable and are dependent on your distinctive skin concerns, so be sure to speak to a skin advisor who can discuss your individual needs more.

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