The Body Shop’s Special Edition Blueberry Body Butter

The Body Shop Limited Edition Blueberry Body Butter #review

I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop’s Mango Body Butter ever since I saw Brooke Burke using it on E! during a swimsuit shoot behind the scenes video…I do believe this was in the late 90’s early 2000’s…and I have been hooked ever since.

It’s actually overwhelming to think about how many jars of Mango Body Butter I’ve gone through in the last decade. In the past I’ve tried a few of the other varieties of body butters and while they never disappointed, the Mango Body Butter still has my undying love.  But this undying love did not stop me from getting really excited when I heard about The Body Shop’s Special Edition Blueberry Body Butter.

I love everything about blueberries, the scent, taste, feel, texture, color and all of its amazing beauty and health benefits, so news of a combination of blueberries with body butter was positively thrilling and The Body Shop’s Special Edition Blueberry Body Butter did not disappoint!  It was the same decadent, creamy jar of buttery skin softening sumptuousness with the energizing scent of blueberries.  The Blueberry Body Butter left my skin feeling really moisturized all day long thanks to the Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that the Blueberry Seed Oil contains, there is actually oil from 500 blueberries in each jar of the Blueberry Body Butter.  The Blueberry Body Butter  definitely has the same amazing moisturizing, softening  and nourishing and qualities as all of the other Body Shop Body Butters with another incredibly revitalizing scent!

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  1. Jamie

    This sounds incredible! I already love The Body Shop Body Butter and I definitely need this in my arsenal!

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