Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Aside from the fact that study after study have shown that men perceive women wearing a grapefruit fragrance to be younger than they actually are, there are many more benefits to grapefruit essential oil in skin and body care.

Although, honestly, I am all over grapefruit for the youth factor alone…

Pink Grapefruit is known to have a skin brightening effect, it’s also rich in antioxidants like lycopene, and has a cleansing and toning effect on the skin. Grapefruit is chock full of vitamin C, and those of us aging know far too well that Vitamin C helps to fade dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Amazing skin and mood-enhancing benefits of grapefruit essential oil via @agirlsgottaspa

Aside from the benefits of grapefruit essential oil in body care products, the fragrance alone does wonders. It’s uplifting and energizing, and can help reset your mood.

Pink Grapefruit essential oil is one of the 4 citrus essential oils in A Girl’s Gotta Spa!® Energizing Citrus Body WashBody Lotion and Salt Scrub. Its positive mood-enhancing ability coupled with the skin care benefits make it the perfect natural ingredient to incorporate into our moisturizing lotion and body wash. I love how it does double duty by pampering both your body and mind.

Do you like citrus scents like grapefruit?

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