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Everyone Bath Soak #review #bathtime #relax

The thought of soaking in a bathtub filled with hot water, for me, is the epitome of complete and total relaxation.

Imagining my muscles relaxing, any knots in my body unwinding and my mind being completely at ease, is just sheer bliss.  Add an amazing bath soak containing epsom salts, organic olive oil, and four different essential oil blends and bath time becomes the ultimate at-home spa experience as it was for me when I first tried Everyone Bath Soaks. 

Everyone Bath Yoga Soak #bathtime #yoga #relaxation


Everyone products are natural and plant based products made with pure essential oils.  As indicated by the name, Everyone products are gentle, but effective enough to be used by everyone. Since I am a total hot yoga addict, I have been  using the Yoga Soak more than the others and absolutely loving it.  The Yoga Bath Soak contains Epsom salt, organic olive oil, and a blend of rose geranium, lavender, marjoram, orange and frankincense essential oils.  As soon as I opened my bottle of Yoga Soak and inhaled the scent,  I knew that I was going to feel more relaxed and might not want to get out of the tub…ever!

The scent of the Yoga Soak is just absolutely amazing, it is soothing and calming while still being refreshing at the same time, it’s like rapture in a bottle.  Once the soak melted into my bath water it felt as if my skin was being moisturized while I was soaking.  My skin did not feel as striped of moisture as it normally would after a hot bath nor did it feel too oily, and my body and mind just felt thoroughly soothed.

In addition the Yoga Soak, there is also Surfer Soak (meant to be soothing, warming and relaxing), Cycle Soak (soothing, cooling and refreshing), and Sinner Soak (which I wish I would have had handy on New Year’s Day.)  Even if you don’t surf, cycle, sin or do yoga, I would still give these soaks a try because they all smell incredible, make for a more pleasant bath time experience and will leave you in state of complete tranquility.

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