MSC Skin Care Bourbon Vanilla and Oak Soap

MSC Bourban Vanilla and Oak Soap #review #bathandbody

I am a huge fan of artisan bar soaps. Don’t get me wrong, I like shower gels, creams and washes, but there is just something about an artisan bar soap that is so much more appealing. For me it almost feels more personal and luxurious.

Combine a great bar soap with an incredible scent and it’s almost impossible to get me out of the shower – an issue that I’ve been dealing with since I started using MSC Skin Care Bourbon Vanilla and Oak Bar Soap.  MSC Skin Care + Home produces bath, body and home products that are all handmade in Brooklyn, NY and features an assortment of custom fragrance blends. 

The Bourbon Vanilla and Oak Soap Bar has an amazing scent that fuses Madagascar vanilla bean, and a deep, woody oak.  It is a unisex scent that is unbelievably sexy.  I can actually list each and every ingredient in the soap without boring both myself and you guys to death, as the soap contains less than 10 ingredients and is paraben and sulfate free.  It specifically contains; distilled water, saponified oils (Sunflower, Rice Bran, Palm Kernel, Shea Butter), scent fusion, shea butter for moisturized skin, coconut oil to cleanse and vanilla bean as an aphrodisiac.

The Bourbon Vanilla and Oak Soap Bar leaves my skin feeling cleansed but moisturized, and smelling really inviting.  It never leaves my skin feeling stripped of moisture or like it has a weird soapy film left over.  I positively love using this soap any and every time I possibly can, but I highly recommend it for date nights…trust me, your date won’t stand a chance!

Just in case the Bourbon Vanilla and Oak scent is not your cup of tea (which I cannot even fathom), the Orange, Clove and Cinnamon Bar is absolutely scrumptious and the Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Bar is really soothing.  I have been perusing the MSC Skin Care site on a regular (some might call it obsessive) basis and was insanely thrilled to find that the have a Bourbon Vanilla and Oak Soy Candle…can you guess what my next purchase is going to be?

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