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I could not be more in love with my new fragrance, Roses de Chloe and the feedback from friends and co-workers on the scent is something to talk about. It’s a new girly rosy version of the original Chloe and an instant hit. It seems as if everyone I walk by wants to know what my fragrance is, including my male boss! (It makes me happy to know I smell nice!) 

I first fell in love with rose scents when I was searching for a fragrance to wear on my wedding day. I read an article that suggested choosing a new fragrance to wear on your wedding day, something you don’t already wear, so that when you smell that scent in the future, you associate the scent with that special day. I ended up choosing a rose fragrance and now anything that smells remotely like it reminds me of our big day! Roses de Chloe is one of those rare scents that instantly lifts your mood to a happy place. It’s a MUST sniff!

For starters, the packaging. I mean really. Part of me didn’t even want to open the box … and then the bottle, because it was like a dessert that looks too pretty to eat. I didn’t want to mess it up! The bottle is beautiful. A true statement piece for your vanity.

The scent – I hate to call the scent something as visual as gorgeous, but that’s what it is! It’s girly, light, flirty, and beautiful… all while remaining subtle.  Notes of rose and bergamot with some magnolia thrown in the mix make this fragrance romantic, without being too warm or seasonal. This is a wear-all-year-long kind of perfume for a girl that likes to smell fresh and clean, but also girly and put together. During the cold winter months, the scent reminds me of spring blooms and leisurely walks  through a garden, but don’t let that fool you. This is a floral, girly, and clean scent and makes this a fresh fragrance that’s perfect for daily wear.

If not for right now, consider sampling Roses de Chloe to bring you into Spring as your scent! This is one I can’t imagine someone not loving!

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3 Responses to Roses de Chloe Review

  1. Renu

    I had chosen Roses de Chloe and six other fragrances (some pink) to sample at Sephora in December – unfortunately they forgot to label the vials and I now have no idea as to which is which 🙁 Will check it out again, as I’m sure I’ll love it.

  2. Phyrra

    The way you describe it makes me want to smell it! And I’m not typically a rose or flower perfume person.

  3. Laura MyNewestAddiction

    I just sniffed this fragrance recently at Sephora! It is really nice!

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