Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shave Gel and Body Scrub

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The recent record-breaking cold weather that has been imposed on us this winter has been pretty stressful on our skin. In prepping my legs to be dress ready for Spring,  a serious exfoliation was in order (and yes, a shave!)

Enter Sapien Women Body Scrub and Shave Gel from Surya Brasil.  Surya Brasil is a line of natural and certified organic beauty products.  Surya Brasil also abstains from using substances that are harmful to you or to the environment in their products so their products will never contain lead, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, parabens, resorcinol or PPD (dye).

The Sapien Women Body Scrub is made with organic Amazonian ingredients and 100% natural exfoliants from Coconut bark and Buriti, Amazonian White Clay (which enhances exfoliation) and Aloe Vera for hydration.  The body scrub has a really uplifting citrus fragrance and a gel-like consistency.  The first time I used the body scrub was during showering and it actually got pretty messy since my skin was already very wet.  So learning from that experience, the second time I used it I decided to do so before I showered and not only was the scrub not messy it actually exfoliated my legs better. It’s gentle on my skin, as well as moisturizing.  My skin was left feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

The Sapien Women Shave Gel like the Body Scrub is also made with organic Amazonian ingredients such as Cupuacu butter, Pracaxi Oil and Macadamia Oil, as well as Vitamin E to prevent drying and protect sensitive skin.  It also has an uplifting citrus fragrance that I am absolutely addicted to. It reminds me of mangoes, which is my all time favorite fruit. I positively love how moisturizing this shave gel is without being super thick and foamy or gooey.  A little bit of the shave gel actually goes a really long way and my razor positively glided on my legs.

Have you tried either of these products?

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