#TwitterParty AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Hair Color

#TwitterParty #AGEbeautiful March 11th at 1pm EST. Anti-aging hair color. Join us! Follow @agirlsgottaspa @zotosprofesh @mikekpetrizzi

I don’t know about you, but I love coloring my hair at home. I like the idea of carfting my own color and then being able to say I did it myself when someone comments on the amazing color. That’s why I am really excited to have partnered with AGEbeautiful from Zotos Professional. AGEbeautiful is a new anti-aging professional home hair color sold exclusively at Sally Beauty.

Join me on Tuesday, March 11th at 1pm EST for an #AGEbeautiful Twitter Party. We’ll be tweeting about the 5 signs of hair aging, as well as tips for using professional home hair color. A Twitter party wouldn’t be complete without giving away product too!

Here’s what you can look forward to color mavens:

3 AGEBeautiful  hair care gift sets (shampoo, conditioner, Intense Strengthening Treatment and 24 hour hold hairspray) along with color of your choice (permanent or demi permanent.)

1 AGEBeautiful  hair care gift set (shampoo, conditioner, Intense Strengthening Treatment and 24 hour hold hairspray) along with color of your choice (permanent or demi permanent) PLUS a $100 American Express gift card.

Please follow @agirlsgottaspa @ZotosProFesh @MikeKPetrizzi to be eligible for the prizes. While prizes are U.S. only, anyone is welcome to join the party!

RSVP by leaving a comment with your Twitter handle or tweet us to let us know you’ll be participating!

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