Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Super Easy Nail Art How To Using Dental Floss

Honestly, the easy button was made for people like me. There are just some things I have no patience for, and nail art is one of them. I wish I could tell you that as a beauty blogger I am super creative and uber crafty and create endless nail looks to swoon over, but the truth is, my nails go bare most of the time.

It’s a tragedy really. For some reason, ever since I wore shellac back in 2011, my nails have never grown to any substantial length. But that’s not my only excuse. I simply lack the skill required to paint cool scenes on my tiny nails. Then Pinterest to my rescue! I came across an amazingly easy nail art tutorial, and I was pretty excited to be able to recreate it with some modifications.

You’ll need:

A large piece of paper
2 Flossers
3 Bottles of your favorite polish in complementary colors
1 Base Coat
1 Top Coat

Easy Nail Art How To #nailart

I recently received Ricky’s NYC RickyColor Nail Polish in Final Share Weekend (hot pink), Sweating in the Subway (bright purple) and Banker Husband (bright teal.) This was a great opportunity to wear them all at once (and to show off my mad new skills.)

How to:

  • Apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • Apply one solid color  to all nails. (I chose hot pink.)
  • Lay your paper flat. Towards the top swipe one color a few times (generously) in the same spot so that you have a thin layer of color.
  • With one hand under that part of the paper (to push the paper into the thread), use your other hand to dip the thread of your flosser into the pool. Be sure to ONLY get the thread covered in polish (or else it will be a big mess on your hands.)
  • Now firmly apply the floss three times across your nails on one hand in different spots. (I did mine straight across, stacked.)
  • Apply your final color on the paper, swiping enough to create a thin layer of it.
  • With one hand under that part of the paper, use your other hand to dip the thread of your flosser into the pool, getting only the thread wet with polish.
  • Firmly apply the floss three times across your nails on the same hand, but in different spots. (I did mine diagnol.)
  • Repeat these same steps on your other hand.
  • Lastly apply your top coat and let dry.

Easy peasy. I love that each nail doesn’t look the same, yet it still looks cool. All the colors work together and the look is eye catching.

The original how to called for putting the polish pooled in a bowl, but I didn’t want to waste more color than I had to and I only wanted to get the thread wet with paint and not the whole flosser.

What do you think? If you replicate this how to, let me know!

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  1. Lizette

    Wow! That’s so cool! This week I painted my nails neon pink and sparkly yellow alternately and my daughter loved my disco nails. Perhaps I’ll try your tips above tonight. 🙂

  2. Prerna

    Nicely explained, could easily by done by beginners.I am on to this.

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