DermOrganic Pure Argan Oil Review

DermOrganic Pure Argan Oil #Review #skincare

Skin Care Myth: Oily skin should avoid oils in skin care products.

Skin Care Fact: Not all oils are “bad” or pore-clogging.

My skin has always been oily since as far back as I can remember. It’s only in the last several months that it is now both oily and dry. How can that be? It seems my maturing skin wants to be oily in my T-zone, but have dry patches on my cheeks and along my brows (brows are another story all together!) Do you have the same skin care issue? I’m not one to constantly change up my skin care routine, but obviously what I have been doing is no longer working for my changing skin.

While I’ve tried Argan Oil for my hair, I don’t have much experience with it for my skin. Enter DermOrganic Pure Argan Oil. DermOrganic 100% Pure Argan Oil is an organic natural moisturizer rich in vitamin E & lipids. It can be used for your hair, face and body, but I’ve just been using it for my face.

All it takes is about two pumps of a pea-sized amount of this one ingredient wonder to cover my entire face and another small pump for my neck. There is no fragrance at all and while it glides onto your skin, it absorbs relatively quickly (so you have to move fast.) There’s no greasy feeling to your skin or any residue-like feeling left behind. After using it for 1 month+, I’ve found that it has effectively hydrated the areas of my face that are too dry, while not creating more of an oil slick where I tend to overproduce sebum.

Would love to hear your experience in the comments! Have you tried it?

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