Bain de Terre #TwitterParty 8/7/14 at 1pm EST

@baindeterre #TwitterParty 8/7/14 at 1pm EST RSVP!


Join me on Thursday, August 7th at 1pm EST for a #BaindeTerre Twitter Party. We’ll be tweeting about preserving your hair color, and giving more details about this naturally indulgent, paraben-free, color-safe hair care line that is infused with argan and monoi oil.

Here’s the prizes you can look forward to:

Bain de Terre Passion Flower Collection
Passion flower COLOR PRESERVING Shampoo
Passion flower COLOR PRESERVING Conditioner
Passion flower COLOR THERAPY styling oil
Passion flower COLOR BRIGTHENING finishing spray

Bain de Terre Moisturizing Collection
Jasmine MOISTURIZING Shampoo
Jasmine MOISTURIZING Conditioner
Jasmine 2 MINUTE INTENSE conditioner

Bain de Terre Balancing Collection
Green meadow BALANCING shampoo
Green meadow BALANCING conditioner
Green meadow INSTANT COMBING detangler
Stay n’ shape flexible shaping spray

Hairy Styles Prize Pack (get it??)
Choose a prize pack above + $50AMEX gift card

Please follow @agirlsgottaspa @baindeterre and @LoxaBeauty to be eligible for the prizes. While prizes are U.S. only, anyone is welcome to join the party!

RSVP by leaving a comment with your Twitter handle or tweet us to let us know you’ll be participating!

Bain de Terre is available at salons and now!

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  1. Kristin Goodson

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    Can’t wait!!

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    RSVP me please…hope to see you all there. Thanks! BTW, on the big board I am @sthurberyoung and hope that works for you and me.

  11. Rita F

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    Love Bain de Terre!
    RSVP @angelacash22

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    Love BtD! @mel_allen

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    Cant wait love your parties always great products

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    Please RSVP @Technogirl82 Can’t wait for the twitter party!!

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    Can’t wait!

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  60. @sthurberyoung

    RSVPme please. I am @sthurberyoung. Thanks! See you then!

  61. @annieanne1983

    Can’t wait! @annieanne1983

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    RSVP @RubyTusdae I can’t wait!

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