Karin Herzog Choco2 Face Cream Review

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I’ve always considered myself lucky when it comes to my skin.  Sure I’ve had the occasional pimple or was inconvenienced by random dry skin or oily skin a times, but it was never out of control or got to the point where it was a stressor for me.

I wish I would have appreciated what I had at the time because for the past year I have been battling with constant acne…the kind that leaves scars, skin that goes from extremely dry to severely oily and a dull complexion.  I have tried facials, soothing and calming face products, diet change, water filters…you name it, I’ve tried it and while some of these attempts at a solution would briefly work or would take care of one of my skin issues, it would exacerbate the rest.  Not one of these “fixes” ever got my skin back to the state that it was in prior to this past year, so I’ve been learning to live with (but not accept) the new condition of my skin. This just means that I’m still trying different means of getting my skin under control.

Clearer, healthier skin after using Karin Herzog Choco2 Face Cream via @agirlsgottaspa #beauty #skincare

For the past two weeks, my new means of controlling my skin has been Karin Herzog Choco2 Face CreamKarin Herzog  is the worldwide leader in oxygen-based skincare and is the only range formulated with stabilized active oxygen.  I wanted to try this face cream because of two words “Swiss Chocolate.”  I had no expectations of this face cream other than it would smell really yummy! Little did I know that this amazing face cream was the answer to all of my skincare concerns. 

First of all, the oil-free oxygen face cream contains 1% active oxygen to treat and regulate my acne prone skin.  Oxygen penetrates deep into my skin to neutralize subcutaneous bacteria and eliminates accumulated toxins and clears surface acne.  It also boosts moisture, revives brilliance and evens skin tone.  It did everything it said it was supposed to do to my skin and I am beyond ecstatic and grateful about the current condition of my skin.  It is the perfect balance of hydrated, glowing, even toned, blemish free skin. 

My skin feels smooth, it looks clear, my pores do not look nor feel clogged. Simply put, it just feels like healthy, balanced skin.  I used to rarely ever wear foundation or concealer, but my skin’s condition during the past year required both (essentially to conceal the state of my skin!)  I am happy to say I am back to going au natural and only applying the Karin Herzog Choco2 Face Cream and good ol’ sunscreen. 

I have a friend who models and is currently working in LA and has been traumatized by what the LA climate has done to her skin.  She has always has amazing skin, but has been battling breakouts and dry skin since she has been in LA.  I had her try some of my Choco2 Face Cream and she said she instantly felt the difference in her skin…she actually said, “This is what my skin needed.”  Of course everyone’s skin needs are different, but I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with acne prone skin. 

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  1. Kiss & Make-up

    Moving from Belgium to Switzerland also wrecked my skin! Maybe this is what I need to get it back under control…

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