LAQA&Co Fat Lip Pencil

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I love products with a story behind them, which is why I am positively crazy in love with LAQA&Co. Fat Lip Pencils.

The Fat Lip Pencil is a glossy jumbo lip pencil that does not need a sharpener, which I think is absolutely brilliant because there is nothing worse than having to purchase a sharpener for every brand of lip pencil that I decide to try (which is A LOT.)  The LAQA&Co. Fat Lip Pencil has a beautiful glossy sheen with a lightweight, smooth, moisturizing feel on my lips and a refreshing minty scent and taste.

I love the Bossy Boots Fat Lip Pencil! It is a very pretty berry pink color that looks great with my skin tone, but that I think will complement most skin tones and is a great summery color.  In addition to making my lips look like works of art, LAQA&Co. Fat Lip Pencils are also pieces of art.  The LAQA&Co. Fat Lip Pencil packaging is covered in artwork by young artists looking to get their work seen and the artists receive a portion of the profit from every LAQA&Co. product purchase.  So by purchasing LAQA&Co. Fat Lip Pencils you get to beautify your lips and in supporting these artists, contribute to a more beautiful world at the same time!

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