Long Lasting Manicure with JulieG Nail Color

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Mission: Find a long lasting manicure, as well as a nail polish that dries quickly. 

Whether you get your nails done professionally at the salon or you simply do them at home, I’m pretty confident that every woman is in search of a polish that lasts longer than a day (and isn’t Shellac) and that doesn’t take 30-45 minutes to dry completely.

By a chance meeting at iRetreat2014, I got to meet beauty vlogger Julie G in the Rite Aid Wellness Lounge, who has her own line of polishes as well as being the Spokesperson for Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. She had some samples from both lines, the JetSet Quick Drying Top Coat and JulieG Nail Color among them. Let me say, it was kismet, because I think I’ve now found the polish brand I will be loyal to for many years.

@juliegbeauty Rio de Janeiro #swatch #review #nailpolish

This is Rio de Janeiro ($3.99) from JulieG’s Cruise Collection. It looks very much like Pantone’s radiant orchid in color. It’s bright and colorful, and definitely eye-catching. I loved that it grabbed onto my nail without being clumpy or too watery. I applied two coats to get the color you see in the picture. There are a total of 6 colors in her Cruise Collection Ports of Call and 54 colors in her nail color line overall.

Rio de Janeiro #nailcolor from @juliegbeauty #review

Typically when doing my nails at home, it’s the wait time I hate most, and to be honest, this is why many times I tend to not polish my nails at all. (I know! What beauty blogger does that?!) So when I saw that Jet Set was a quick drying top coat, I was intriqued, yet skeptical. Jet Set gave my nails that extra bit of shine that I love and the best part? My nails literally dried COMPLETELY in under 5 minutes. And I was all about testing them out by going about my usual routine with my kids and there was not a smudge, imprint or dent! YOU GUYS. I’m just saying that this will be forever in my nail polish arsenal.

Seriously, the fastest drying top coat I've ever used. @juliegbeauty #review

Great color and texture with the color range and an ultra fast drying top coat are all well and good, but did the manicure actually last?

I’ve used luxury and drugstore polishes that literally chip within hours of wear, and I’ve used a very select few polishes that last longer than a day. All that work of prepping your nails, painting them and then waiting for them to dry is uber frustrating when that effort goes out the window with a chipped or peeling manicure. I’ve had this polish on my nails for 5 days as of this review without a single imperfection (which tells me it’ll be on a lot longer!) I’ve seriously never been so excited about a nail polish line like this before!

I’m probably the last person on earth to discover this line, so I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Have you used JulieG Nail Color?

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3 Responses to Long Lasting Manicure with JulieG Nail Color

  1. Jackie Juliano

    I LOVE the Julie G polishes and the Jet Set that Julie is always raving about in her videos is definitely worth it 110% !!! I’ve NEVER been so excited to do my nails and know they’ll be dry in 5 minutes as I am with the “Jet Set” Top Coat! I hope you continue to make this and NEVER change the formula 🙂

  2. Kay

    I’m EXTREMELY late to the Julie G party! I only recently (as in 2 weeks ago) discovered her nail polish line on a random trip to Rite Aid. I purchased the Jet Set and the Gel Effect Plumping Gel and I like them both. I’ve been using Seche Vite for a number of months but was in search of a replacement because of the shrinkage that SV causes. Both Julie G top coats impart great shine to my manicures and my polish can last through my 5-day workweek without minimal chipping (I give myself a manicure on Sundays and remove it on Friday so that my nails can ‘breathe’ over the weekend). I have added both of these top coats to my weekly nail routine!

  3. Shannon Smyth

    Hi Kay, I haven’t tried the Gel Effect Plumping Gel yet – but I SO love the Jet Set. I need to stop by Rite Aid to give the new stuff a look!

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