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Disclosure: My brand is listed as a store on BluePromoCode. All the coupon-saving love expressed is my own.

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If you’re in the market to buy beauty products, there’s a coupon code site you should definitely check out called BluePromoCode.

BluePromoCode isn’t like any other coupon website (and believe me, with 4 kids, I frequent the coupon code sites!)  The layout is very minimalist, helping to make navigation a breeze. I don’t know about you, but the one thing I don’t like about most discount sites is that you have to go through multiple pages just to find a code and use it. BluePromoCode will provide you with actual savings without making you jump through hoops (which also means you can get to making that lipstick purchase A LOT faster.) Recently BluePromoCode introduced personalization, which is great if you are a frequent shopper or just like having coupons tailored to your needs.

Sign Up

Traditionally speaking, I rarely sign up for coupon code websites. I typically just type in the brand I am seeking a coupon code for and then bounce from page to page until it reveals the code to me. There’s an advantage to signing up with BluePromoCode, which is super easy through the button in the top-right corner of the screen with email or Facebook. Creating an account means you can follow your favorite and most frequently shopped stores, which means you now have a personal feed of coupons from stores you love!

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Personalize BluePromoCode with Your Favorite Brands

As you’re choosing stores, you can see how many promotions and followers each store has. By default you’re also shown well-known stores like Target, Forever 21, etc. Just click “Follow” on the stores you actually want to see coupons from.  You should pick about 5 stores to get started, but I’m sure you have plenty more than that on your shopping list. I know a store you should follow – A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (I would heart you if you followed us there!)

When you’ve followed all the stores you like in top stores, you may also want to browse through the categories to discover more brands and discounts.  BluePromoCode has more than just beauty retailers there, so if you need clothes, household items and so on, they have everything you need to score a great deal. You can also search store names if there’s a specific store you want to follow, but don’t see right away. (Like A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for example. Another shameless plug!)

When you’re done, click “Get Started” and you’ll go back to the homepage.

New Coupons Daily

Whenever you log in, your personal feed is where you can go to find all the new deals from the stores you follow. There will be a number indicating how many new coupons have been added recently. I recommend using your personal feed rather than getting lost (aka distracted) among the coupons for other stores. If you don’t want to check in daily, you can always choose to receive an email digest daily, weekly or monthly to see all the new deals from the stores you follow.

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Reminder Before a Coupon Expires

So say one day you’re just browsing coupons, you find a really good one, but you’re just not ready to shop yet (otherwise known as – it’s not pay day.) You are able to save the coupon by clicking the heart in the top left corner of the coupon, similar to creating a favorites list if you will. This will save the coupon for future use. You can access saved coupons by clicking in the top menu where you’ll see another heart icon and the phrase “My Saves.” The best part is not worrying that a coupon you saved expired because it was forgotten about. With BluePromoCode, they remind you before the coupon you saved expires.

Coupon Facts and Tips

On each brand page there is an Inside Tips with more info about the brand, such as links to their social media profiles, other ways they provide savings, etc. The coupon facts let you know how active the store is on BluePromoCode with stats like how many coupons the store has per month, the store’s average deal duration, and the average savings provided by the store’s coupons.

Use and Share the Coupons with Ease

Using coupons with BluePromoCode is super easy. For printables, just click “print coupon,” then “print now,” and you should be able to print directly from there. For online coupons, click “show coupon code” and follow the instructions. Copy your coupon code with the “copy code” button, then you can click the large “Go to (A Girl’s Gotta Spa!)” button to do your shopping! The site does its best to make using coupons simple and user-friendly.

If you’re feeling generous, you can share the deal on various social media sites to let your friends know there are some serious savings about to go down! (Hey, they may be looking for a deal, too!)

I’d love to know if you’ve used BluePromoCode! Brownie points if you’ve followed our store there and shared it with others!

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