Silk Therapeutics Nurture ++ Moisturizer Review


Did you know that your skin needs different skin care products not only based on your skin type, but also based on the region you live in?

It’s true. For example, your needs will be different in the dry-heat of Nevada than say someone who lives a place with high humidity, like Florida. Or in a city full of environmental pollutants like smog versus a rural small town.

I live in a high elevation up in the Pocono Mountains, which contributes to crazy dry skin (body, face, scalp) in the Fall and Winter, and oily skin from constant cleansing due to humidity in the Summer (I think Spring is the only season we catch a break around here.) 

Dry skin? Review of Silk Therapeutics Nurture++ via @agirlsgottaspa

I recently reviewed Silk Therapeutics Purely Smooth daily firming complex, which works much like a primer to smooth out skin imperfections. One of the recommendations when using this product, is to use one of their Nurture facial moisturizers after applying Purely Smooth.

Nurture comes in three variations to best suit your skin’s needs: Nurture for oily/combination skin, Nurture+ for normal to dry skin and Nurture++ for dry skin. Right now, my skin needs that intense hydration, so I’m using Nurture++. However, as Summer approaches, I’ll need to switch to Nurture, which is a mattifying lotion.

Silk Therapeutics has a skin care quiz you can take to find the right products for you if you are unsure where your skin type lies. All 3 Nurture moisturizers only have 8 ingredients total, all nourishing and just the right amount that your skin needs. One of which is pure silk protein.


Nurture++ suprisingly isn’t a heavy cream, which most moisturizers for dry skin typically are. It’s very smooth and creamy, applies easily and quickly absorbs. It does really work well with Purely Smooth. I noticed an improvement in my skin’s dryness within days of using it (I’ve been using it for several weeks now.) This is a moisturizer that you can use day and night.

I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of Silk Therapeutics skin care products, and I’m certain you won’t be either.

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5 Responses to Silk Therapeutics Nurture ++ Moisturizer Review

  1. Lola Seicento

    The consistency of this cream sounds fantastic, and if it is working in your climate, my guess is the it would for me in LA as well! Thanks for the fantastic review!

  2. Allison

    I absolutely believe that you need different skincare based on where you live. We just got back from 10 days in Arizona and my skin was visibly drier and my wrinkles much more prominent. I love the sound of this skincare line. I know I’d be a ++

  3. MarciaF

    This sounds like an excellent line. I never really gave it a lot of thought about where you live determining what the best skincare is. I know that it affects haircare though.

  4. Kath TheFabZilla

    This sounds divine. I need to try this brand

  5. Bailey

    Firstly, I love the packaging. Secondly, this sounds so perfect!

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