Swisspers Twitter Party September 18th 8:30pm EST

Disclosure: Swisspers provided me with compensation for participating in this Twitter Party.  This Thursday, September 18th from 8:30-10:30pm I'll be participating in a #SleepNaked Twitter chat with Swisspers. If you are not familiar with the cotton products from Swisspers and all the benefits of sleeping naked (for your skin!), go Read more

Best Charities for Breast Cancer Research

As a beauty blogger, I'm inundated in the months leading up to and during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pitches for all sorts of beauty products. Each brand aligns itself with the goal of raising funds by donating a certain percentage to the cause. I'm often discouraged when I Read more

A Girl's Gotta Spa! Partners with EveryCasa

It's an exciting time at A Girl's Gotta Spa! as we continue to expand our reach with new retail partners! We've just added to our list of retail partners - a company that covers all of your household needs for any person and any room, from the kitchen to Read more

Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading #ColorAssure

This is sponsored post for Nexxus through Condé Nast. All opinions and amazingly vibrant hair are my own. For those of us who color our hair, there is one thing we can all agree on - watching the perfect hair color fade away is a sad, sad experience. I've tried Read more

A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion

You deserve to be pampered. Do you believe that? You should! In this video I talk about A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion, including the ingredients, how it works and what I was looking to achieve in order to meet your needs when creating this beauty brand. This isn't Read more


Face Mask Review: Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask

I’m a big believer in facials regardless if they’re done at home or at a spa/salon. The complete ritual of a facial is so relaxing even if you’re doing it at home; just light a few candles, put on some light music and maybe pour yourself a glass of wine.

As my birthdays seem to pop up faster each year, I’m always on the lookout for products that will, “ahem”, assist with those delicate face issues that some of us ladies and gents find on the other side of our bathroom mirror. Me, personally, I blame those harsh apartment lights. But just in case the lights aren’t to blame and it’s father time just one step behind you, I’ve recently found a little gem of product that just may keep that pesky fella away for a while. The afore mentioned birthdays and driving cross-country has made my face a bit unhappy so I was thrilled to try this new product from MuradRead more

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3 Sunscreens for Summer

The warm weather is here and since age spots become more prominent this time of year due to sun exposure and UV heat, I found 3 great sunscreens you’ll want to look into to protect yourself. I personally have wicked (said with my New England accent) brown spots on my forehead and under my eyes. I always use a dark spot lightener, but it always needs to be paired with sunscreen (or using it is basically void.) These are 3 sunscreens being used in my household:

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 60 Soft Sheer Sunscreen ($30): Provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and contains Vitamin E and white grape extract for healthy skin. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t really have much of a fragrance to it. It dries matte on the skin and isn’t too heavy to be worn on your face under makeup.  It also doesn’t leave a film behind like some sunscreens do. While it’s water-resistant, you do need to re-apply it 40 minutes after going in the water.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Screen Lotion SPF 50 ($34): I’ve written about the wonders of MDSolarSciences before and I truly love this silky sunscreen. Since it is silicone based, it works great under makeup doubling as a primer. Application is so easy because this lotion literally glides over your skin.

Pevonia Botanica Ligne Soleil SPf 30 Hydrating Sunscreen ($44): What I love about this sunscreen is that it smells like flowers. Most sunscreens either smell like coconut, chemicals or have no scent at all. I’ve never encountered one that was floral in its scent. It’s also non-greasy, dries matte and feels so soft and smooth on the skin, almost like lotion.

Have you tried any of these sunscreens? Which is your favorite? 

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Sensory Fusion from Aromafloria

If you love Aromafloria’s natural bath and body products, then you’ll love their Sensory Fusion line of organic body butters. This collection is a blend of ingredients to create fantastic scented lotions while soothing dry skin. I received Kiwi Coconut, Mango Ginger, Honey Papaya and Pomegranate.

Sticking to my staple summer sent, Kiwi Coconut was my favorite. I don’t know what it is about that coconut smell in warmer weather…it makes me feel like I’m living the island life here on the lake. These body butters are a mix of shea butter and aloe, so they are both hydrating as they are soothing. I used the Honey Papaya last summer and I cannot begin to tell you how lovely it made my skin feel on my sun parched skin. And yes, despite wearing sunscreen, I still managed to get a few sunburns (lesson learned to re-apply every 2 hours.) The whipped body butter felt so good on my skin as it melted it from the heat my skin generated from the sunburn.  Read more

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Freshen Up and Cool Down With a Minty Exfoliator

Back in our school days, unless you were one of those unlucky kids that always got stuck in summer school, summer was a priceless chance for some serious “me” time. Between summer camps and beach days and trips to the amusement park, however, that three-month break from school as a kid was hardly ever relaxing, and nowadays with my busy work schedule, I wish I could go back in time and kick my childhood self for not sleeping in just a few minutes later each day and really milking it for all it was worth.

But of course, you don’t know how good you have it till it’s gone, but there are still plenty of ways to relax your present self this summer without the need for a time machine! All you need is to infuse a mint-infused scrub into your usual shower routine! Extremely refreshing with an added minty-fresh sensation, mint exfoliators provide the perfect way to slough off a hot day’s sweat and keep summer-dry skin fresh, smooth, and clean. Plus, there’s nothing like the therapeutic scent of mint to put your mind at ease after a long hard day at camp! – I mean, work.   Read more

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Review: gud by Burt’s Bees

gud is better than good. I struck gold when Klout sent me a perk that included products from Burt’s Bees new bath and body line called gud. To be honest, I haven’t really tried too many Burt’s Bees products; just their Replenishing Lip Balm and Herbal Blemish Stick. But as soon as I smelled Vanilla Flame, I was sucked into its awesomeness.   Read more

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Spa Review: Canyon Ranch Spa Miami Beach

Receiving an invitation to visit the largest spa in South Florida (70,000 sq ft to be exact), was definitely one of the highlights of my year in Miami and it just happened to materialize when a visit to the spa was very much needed…at the tail end of the moving process when I was sore, running low on energy,  and anxious about fitting a studio apartment’s worth of stuff into a minivan to go across the U.S.  So the invitation to visit The Spa at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach was a very welcome diversion from the moving process.  As soon as I checked, in the staff was very welcoming and friendly…something that was rare during my year in Miami.  The Canyon Ranch Miami Beach property is impressive and absolutely breathtaking to say the least.  The service I received from the spa is called Yatra.  Yatra, as explained to me by my service provider, is a Sanskrit word that means journey.  The treatment  is a journey through the senses and is intended to unwind every sense, relax every nerve and melt every muscle.  Read more

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Skin Care: Caudalie Vinotherapie

The benefits of grape seed extract aren’t disputed–it is an amazing antioxidant for your skin. More and more beauty brands have incorporated it into their must-have ingredients to deliver amazing results. Caudalie Vinotherapie collection of products are a testimony to that. I received their Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Nourishing Body Lotion, Moisturizing Cream-Mask and Beauty Elixir to review and as the picture I took shows–it was sent from the heavens.

Being a scrub girl, my favorite product among them all was the Crushed Cabernet Scrub. It is a bit more abrasive than I am used to containing course, crushed grape seed granules, but the thick consistency of the brown sugar-honey-grape seed oil, as well as 6 other essential oils, makes this one scrub that will hydrate as it exfoliates. Caudalie states that this product is also great for fighting cellulite with its 6 organic essential oils…but I haven’t noticed any evidence of that. Although your skin will look healthy. The scent of this scrub is heavenly, by the way.   Read more

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Palatium Sea of Myrtle Replenishing Foam

Olive Oil is a beauty multi-tasker. It’s great for your hair and your skin…besides being delicious to eat (that’s the Italian in me talking!) A new Roman-inspired beauty brand called Palatium recently contacted me about trying out their olive oil-based shower gels and I certainly was intrigued. Since we all know that Gail likes to eat any beauty product that smells delicious (and I knew this would smell good), I decided it would be beneficial to Gail’s health if I tried this product for review.  You know, take one for the team.

My chosen scent was Sea of Myrtle, or Mare Myrteus, which “blends the elemental zest of a refreshing trade wind with the spirited notes of Tyrrhenian myrtle berries.” I can’t say it is a fruity scent, but you can definitely smell that Tuscan olive oil trademark fragrance along with a clean scent. Definitely a nice fragrance to have on your skin, as well.   Read more

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The Perfect Body Scrub: Sabon Patchouli Lavender

I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems like springtime is here to stay…and with warmer temps come leg-baring skirts and shorts! For those of you who might have neglected your skin during the winter, now is the time to focus your energies on getting your stems silky-smooth again!

We all know moisturization is key, but slathering on lotion does nothing if it’s sitting atop dead skin cells –the only way to rid your skin of impurities is to exfoliate. Now, I’ve been around the block when it comes to exfoliants, and I can say without a moment’s hesitation that my all-time favorite scrub is by Sabon, a luxury bath and body fragrance brand.

While doing my Christmas shopping months ago in Bryant Park, a Sabon employee convinced me (with a notable amount of zeal) to try out their body scrubs.  I was pretty hesitant at first, but I was completely blown away by the product. Made with dead sea salt and various nut oils the tiniest amount used two times a week will leave your skin silky smooth and completely moisturized.  Because I was Christmas shopping, I made an oath to myself that I wouldn’t purchase anything for personal use…but since I loved the scrub so much, I bought it for my roommate.  Read more

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Moisturizer Review: Theraplex Ultra

A lot of moisturizers claim that they will provide relief from dry chapped skin. Sometimes they do…right after being applied to the skin, but not for much longer than that.  And on those rare occasions when they do provide dry skin relief for longer than a couple of hours, they tend to make my skin feel like a greasy, oily mess.  But I’ll deal with a greasy mess any day if it means healthier, more hydrated skin. Thanks to a product I started using this week, I can have relief from dry, chapped, cracked skin without being a hot greased up mess.  Read more

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