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This summer I'll be 40. Wrinkles and fine lines know their way around my face like a road map. I wish what I know now about anti-aging, I knew 20 years ago so that I could take better care of my skin. However, since I can't literally turn back Read more

Beauty Benefits of Lime

It may sound silly, but even though I don't drink, those Corona commercials snag my attention every time. Sounds of the ocean, the sense of relaxation and the refreshing lime placed perfectly in the bottle neck. It's that lime that calls out to me saying, "Let me quench your Read more

Gail Lewis - SUPER Model

If you've read the bios of the A Girl's Gotta Spa! editors, you may stumble across the fact that Gail Lewis is a model. I don't mean model being kind, like Gail is attractive, I mean model like fierce, confident and in-demand. And of course, as in actually having Read more

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 Image credit: Hairspray & High Heels We have major love here at A Girl's Gotta Spa! for makeup. From makeup trends to makeup tips, when to spend and when to splurge, as well as the latest products for each season, you can count on us to bring that info to you. Read more

Spa Week 2014 A Girl's Gotta Spa! and Giveaway

It's that time of year again when spas lower their prices on some of their spa treatments, otherwise known as Spa Week! From April 21–27th, spas, fitness facilities and wellness centers across the country will be offering $50 spa treatments, including a few spas that we've reviewed like The French Read more

Review: Bath & Body Works Optimism Sudsing Body Scrub

aromatherapy_sudsing_body_scrubToday is the last day of winter, can I get an Amen to that? By far my favorite seasons are spring and fall. Tomorrow being the first day of spring symbols the start of new life and new beginnings. This is clearly something quite relatable in my life right now. And with a new beginning comes the feeling of Optimism. It just so happens that this week I had the chance to try out Bath & Body Works aromatherapy line, specifically their Optimism Sudsing Body Scrub. A perfect metaphor for ridding myself of the old (dead, dry skin) and embracing the new (healthier skin.)

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NEPA’s Rock Autism Now and Variety’s Autism Walk

gavThose of you who have been reading this beauty blog for while know that my oldest son has Aspergers and my 2nd oldest has Pervasive Developmental Disorder, both forms of Autism. Then there are my two nephews, who coincidentally, have the same diagnosis. And let’s not forget my cousin who also has Aspergers. Needless to say anything that has to do with Autism is close to my heart, so I want to take this opportunity to tell you about two Autism benefits coming up next week.

For those readers who live local to me in Northeast PA, one of my favorite local bands, Nowhere Slow, will be playing at NEPA’s Rock Autism Now benefit at 8pm on March 27th at Tink’s Entertainment Complex in Scranton. There are other really good bands playing there that night as well, with the same benefit being held at Nightcaps in Edwardsville that same night. For example, Bad Hair Day, one of “the boy’s” favorite local bands (next to M80 of course) will be playing at 10pm.  All proceeds benefit Friendship House’s ABA Autism Program in Scranton.andrew-connor

My sister Courtney will be participating in Variety’s 4th Annual Autism Walk on March 29th in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. In a friendly competition, each team is trying to “outbeat” the other by raising the most donations. My sister has already met her goal of $500, however, we both feel that with spreading the word we can raise that amount even higher. All proceeds will benefit Variety’s new Family Resource Center which serves children with Autism now by providing early support. You can make a donation via my sister’s team page on Variety’s website.

So whether you are local or not, I hope you are able to help support one of these benefits either by helping me spread the word or by making a donation. Now that would be beautiful.

Pictured– Top  left: My oldest son Gavin. Lower Right: My nephew Andrew and my son Connor.

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Review: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara

rimmel_london_sexy_curves_mascaraCurves seem to be the in thing lately thanks to celebrities like Beyonce. Oh and I am grateful, especially since being a mother means I have curves whether I want them or not.  When it comes to my lashes, I definitely want lashes that curve but hate putting an eyelash curler to my eyes (thanks to pinching myself far too often. ouch.)  So while at CVS a few weeks ago I decided to pick up Rimmel London’s newest mascara, Sexy Curves, with the hopes that it would be a quick fix to provide my lashes with some awesome curving action.

The mascara brush is a little funky with 3 prominent “bumps.” While Rimmel says that these put curves in all the right places, I honestly think it’s just tricky marketing. The dips in the mascara wand meant that the formula didn’t hit sections of lashes, while the bumps did. So I found myself simply using the tip of the mascara wand to apply the mascara to all of my lashes equally. A bigger and fancy wand is really unnecessary. But did the mascara itself work?

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Review: Beau Bain Bath Bombs

spa_time_pamperBeauty review by Morgan Day Cecil:

Somebody please inform my next fiance that he better be independently wealthy, because I’ve had it with working for a living!

Just kidding. I am already happily engaged to a man who need me to keep my 9-5, but this evening, making the long commute home, I burst into tears. I missed my son, I missed my freedom. I despised the best hours of the day being spent in an office. And, it is only the second day of my second week at my new job.  This is not a good sign. I need to find a way to cope…

What is a girl to do to survive the work-week?

The only thing she can do: Reach for a bath bomb and draw herself a nice hot bath. In times like these, there may not be problem solving, but there can be problem soothing.

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