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This summer I'll be 40. Wrinkles and fine lines know their way around my face like a road map. I wish what I know now about anti-aging, I knew 20 years ago so that I could take better care of my skin. However, since I can't literally turn back Read more

Beauty Benefits of Lime

It may sound silly, but even though I don't drink, those Corona commercials snag my attention every time. Sounds of the ocean, the sense of relaxation and the refreshing lime placed perfectly in the bottle neck. It's that lime that calls out to me saying, "Let me quench your Read more

Gail Lewis - SUPER Model

If you've read the bios of the A Girl's Gotta Spa! editors, you may stumble across the fact that Gail Lewis is a model. I don't mean model being kind, like Gail is attractive, I mean model like fierce, confident and in-demand. And of course, as in actually having Read more

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 Image credit: Hairspray & High Heels We have major love here at A Girl's Gotta Spa! for makeup. From makeup trends to makeup tips, when to spend and when to splurge, as well as the latest products for each season, you can count on us to bring that info to you. Read more

Spa Week 2014 A Girl's Gotta Spa! and Giveaway

It's that time of year again when spas lower their prices on some of their spa treatments, otherwise known as Spa Week! From April 21–27th, spas, fitness facilities and wellness centers across the country will be offering $50 spa treatments, including a few spas that we've reviewed like The French Read more

A Little Q & A with Hair and Makeup Artist Steven Lake

steven_lake_hairMy most favorite thing in the world is getting to know people behind a brand. Many times your brand can be yourself…as a makeup artist, hair stylist even beauty blogger. So when I recently wrote about Steven Lake’s tips to looking good in pictures on Makeup Minute, I popped him over 3 short questions to get to know a little more about him. They are short and sweet, but I’m thankful Steven took the time to answer them.

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Review: Ojon Tawaka Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cream

ojon_tawaka_ancient_rejuvenating_creamI’m an insanely huge fan of Ojon products. I love the scent of them, I love the ingredients and I just love how well they work on my hair and body. The Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cream is only the second product from the Tawaka line that I have reviewed, the first being Tawaka “The Ball.”

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Top 10 Best Beauty Products of 2008

top_10_best_beauty_productsEveryone who knows me understands that I am a procrastinator. So it should be no surprise that on January 2, I am only getting around to rounding up my Top 10 Best Beauty Products of 2008. As with my Top 10 Best Makeup Products of 2008, this list was difficult to compile, as I really reviewed so many amazing beauty products this year. My list contains beauty brands you know and maybe some you don’t.

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Review: Om Aroma Elixir de Beaute Champagne Facial Cleanser

om_aroma_elixir_de_beauteSo maybe you are not one to pop the champagne on New Year’s Eve, but how about some champagne of the beauty kind? Om Aroma has a three-step anti-aging skin care system to keep skin looking luminous and their Elixir de Beaute Champagne Facial Cleanser is a wonderful exfoliating treatment with crushed champagne grapeseeds destined to sweep away the impurities of 2008. Ok maybe not all of the impurities you sustained in 2008, but at least your skin will look great!

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