Improve Your Brow Game with Chella

My brows are sparse and basically non-existent in some spots. They also do this caterpillar ish from years of plucking the wrong way when I was younger. I've considered getting permanent makeup with a brow tattoo, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of needles (which is also the Read more

Diminish the Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles #sponsored

Disclosure: Thanks to RoC® Daily Resurfacing Disks, I'm getting taking care of my skin as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #WomenWhoRoC Are you looking for a simple way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin all in one beauty product? Do you have fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged Read more

Honey Girl Organics Giveaway with Lilly's Bathcarry

A Girl's Gotta Spa! retailer, Lilly's Bathcarry, knows a thing or two about pampering. We're both on a mission of self care. We've partnered together for a giveaway so that you can treat yourself; there's not just one winner for this giveaway, but TWO. Lilly's Bathcarry will send two winners, chosen Read more

Best Body Washes for Acne-Prone Skin

Bacne. Something that is often dreaded when the warmer weather hits and you want to ditch the layers. While I personally haven't experience body acne, I do have keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs, so I know the feeling of having a skin condition I want to clear up Read more

5 Surefire Ways Pampering Helps Boost Your Mood (and Confidence)

Disclosure: I’m sharing #MyOliaStory #ad as part of a Garnier® sponsored series for Socialstars™ You've probably experienced this scenario yourself - you're in a rut and feeling meh when you decide to take a moment to yourself to rejuvenate. Sometimes it's something simple, like a bath or it's something a Read more

a girl’s gotta spa

Minkyti Facial at Woodhouse Day Spa, Kingston PA

Monthly facials are a necessity, not a luxury. As I’m inching my way to 40 (I hate thinking about it), I know this now more than ever. Not only do you get a really in-depth cleaning of your pores, but it sure is a great way to relax and let go of the stressors that have been plaguing you.

The last time I was at Woodhouse Day Spa in Kingston, PA for my Four-Handed Massage, I came across Amala skincare in their gift shop. I’ve heard amazing things about Amala and even began working with them. So I had been dying to find the time to get an Amala facial. Woodhouse Day Spa uses Amala skincare exclusively for their facials, and when I asked Woodhouse’s manager Rebecca which facial would be best for me, she recommended their signature spa treatment, the Minkyti Facial ($95). It’s 80 minutes of pure bliss.   Read more

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Review: ArganMagic Bath and Body Products

There’s nothing that inspires exultation during bath time more than the thought of trying out new bath and body products for the first time.  There’s always so much hope that this will be the product/line of products that will give you your “dream skin.”  At least this was my mind-state right before trying some of ArganMagic‘s bath and body products.  I was even more excited because the name has the word “magic” in it, needless to say I went in with very high expectations and I was not disappointed.

I started off my in shower spa session with the Zesty Orange Body Scrub.  The scrub ad a mild orange scent that was not at all overpowering and it exfoliated my skin as promised…gently. After I rinsed off the scrub, my skin felt instantly smoother and softer; not like it had been buffed over with an electric sander.

Next up, the Bloomin Body Wash.  This product is described as a “gentle soap-free cleanser” and it most definitely is! Once applied to my skin it transformed into a very subtle, but creamy lather, so creamy in fact that I didn’t feel like I need to moisturize after I stepped out of the shower…but I was on a roll. I was enjoying the experience so much I decided to put some music on while I moisturized with the Multi-Purpose Treatment Oil, it had “magically…ArganMagically” become a shower/spa party (ok maybe the ArganMagically was a bit much, but I was having fun with the products.) The Multi-Purpose Treatment Oil was rapidly absorbed by my skin without leaving an oily residue, my skin felt so smooth and soft I chased my boyfriend around the house demanding that he feel my skin…someone had to witness the magnificence and he was the only one around. I’m sure interrupting whatever he was working on was worth feeling pure silk (yes a bold statement but it really did feel that good.)   Read more

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Review: eco-armour Shaving Foam

If  you’re anything like me, shaving is one of those beauty rituals (chores) that most of the time (every time) you wish you could skip…it’s just not that enjoyable (and doesn’t make much sense) to drag a sharp object across your skin in pursuit of smoother, softer skin.   It is, however, kind of a necessity if you plan on wearing anything shorter than ankle length…or if you’re not in THAT stage of the relationship, when if your someone special runs their hands across your legs and encounters a bit of stubble you’re not embarrassed and they don’t immediately remember that the have an early deadline tomorrow and have to head home to get some sleep (I thought you worked for the government, they have Sunday deadlines…go figure).  Nothing ruins a perfect, romantic Sunday morning faster than stretching seductively in bed and in the process revealing a not so sexy patch of underarm fuzz…and you even woke up with glowing skin, not so bad morning breath and sexy bed head…in which country is it again that women don’t tend to shave their armpits?  Read more

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5 Winter Skin Tips by Skin Care Expert & Celebrity Esthetician Renee Rouleau

There is no question that the cold air wreaks havoc on our skin and for many of us, dryness is a huge concern. In anticipation of the cold temperature outside and the dry heat indoors, skin care expert, Renee Rouleau, offers A Girl’s Gotta Spa! readers some precautionary steps to take to prepare your skin for the cold front!

Reanalyze your current routine:

How do we know when it’s time to change up our daily skin routine? The key is to really listen to your skin. If your skin doesn’t feel comfortable then a product is not working how it’s meant to. It’s time for a change! Ask yourself if your skin feels too tight or maybe you’re discovering excess oil. What product in your routine might be causing these symptoms? Is one of your moisturizers leaving a greasy residue? Or if your skin is flaking then perhaps it’s time to go easy on exfoliating. If you have questions that can’t be answered on your own, take a look at our 9 Skin Types or e-mail Renee Rouleau for suggestions!

Bottom line: If the products aren’t working, your skin will let you know!   Read more

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SpaFinder Names Top 10 Global Spa Trends for 2011

Calling all spa girls! Want to know what’s on trend for 2011 when it comes to spas and their treatments? Susie Ellis, SpaFinder President, author of the SpaFinder blog and column and a contributing editor to NewBeauty magazine, has developed a global trend report that I’m going to republish below. Which of these trends do you think will take off the most? I personally like trend #5.

Additionally, check out the SpaFinder blog for “Hot and Getting Hotter Spa Trends 2011.”

2011 SPA TREND REPORTâ„¢ Read more

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A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Welcomes Gail Lewis to the Team!

We have a new blogger here at A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm). Please help me in welcoming Gail Lewis, who’ll be jumping right in posting reviews here. Here’s a little more about her, in her own words…

Born in Guyana, South America, my family relocated to Minneapolis, MN (in the dead of winter) in my teens…at which point I was assaulted with my first beauty challenge: dry skin, dry scalp, hair that would give out mini volts of electricity, and the list goes on. Like it or not I was forced to start my research into haircare and skincare appropriate for my “new climate” as well as current make-up trends (hoping that if I wore the right make-up, fitting in on a completely different continent would be a breeze.) **Side note, I also just relocated to Florida so have been researching beauty products suitable for my new climate again…so far so good.  Read more

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Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Body Wash & Scented Soap

Crabtree & Evelyn PomegranateThere are certain scents that, when I close my eyes, remind me of holidays past. Does this happen to you? Crabtree & Evelyn’s Pomegranate Body Wash and Scented Soap does just that. The fragrance of pomegranate is fused with season-inspired notes of mulberry, citron and mistletoe making this the perfect complement to your bath and body collection for Christmas.

The body wash contains moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, glycerin, mistletoe extract and tangerine peel oil. The scented soap is triple milled and smells equally as fabulous as the body wash. I adore how fragrant these two products are. Not overwhelmingly so, but just enough that the scent lingers on your skin and in the air for a good bit of time after your shower.  Read more

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LiQWD Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

LiQWD-Volumizing_Shampoo-ConditionerI am all about my hair. Maybe even more so than I am about any other aspect of beauty. I’ve permed my hair (and my hair has forgiven me), highlighted it, dyed it, bleached it, had a tail (no forgiveness there though), teased it so high that they could see it from the satellites in space,  put in so much Aqua Net that it would retain its shape for days…well you get the picture. I love trying out new hairstyles, especially new hair care products.

LiQWD is fairly new in hair care, but it sure is getting a lot of buzz. Pictured here is their Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner; I’ve been using it for quite some time now. Here’s how LiQWD positions itself differently from other hair care brands:

“The Nano-Hydrasphere,” which LiQWD deems as beauty’s silver bullet, is said to deliver their ingredients of essential oils, fatty acids, proteins, etc. deep into the cortex layer of the hair. They also use ColorLife Technology, which utilizes UV filters to prevent your color from fading as well as guard against environmental damage (something I wish more hair products would contain for those of us constantly hiding our greys.)

So how did it work for me? Read more

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Interview with Tiffani Thiessen About Crest and Dental Health

I had the fantastic opportunity to meet up with Tiffani Thiessen during New York fashion week to discuss the importance of good oral hygiene. (Oh Shannon–I got Tiffani to say “A Girl’s Gotta Spa!” You’re welcome!)

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Behind the Scenes with Gary Graham SS11 and Makeup Artist Mike Potter

On behalf of A Girl’s Gotta Spa! I went backstage at MILK Studios and to speak to fashion designer Gary Graham about his 2011 collection and makeup artist Mike Potter behind the inspiration on this year’s look.

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